Introduction: Kang Yoon Hee


Translated by @chickfactor from tvN’s website.

Kang Yoon-Hee (Age 42, Dong-Hoon’s wife) / Lee Ji-Ah

“When I look at you, I feel sad, but I also explode in anger. Go outside and look! See how other men your age live their life.”

After having her child, she passed the bar exam when the child turned 1 year old, she is a very motivated woman. Occupation is attorney.

She dated Park Dong-Hoon for a long time, since college, and she married him because he had good character. But this man, his life is too obvious. They say that no matter how accomplished a woman is, she is always below her man. No matter how hard she worked, she would never be more than just a forever-Manager’s wife. She didn’t want to live like this…

She tried scolding him but it was no use. She couldn’t devote her heart anywhere, her face was blank as if to say that this was not her world. But she is a frustrating person who was faithful to her duty to the family. After feeling sad, her rage explodes. From the very start, she was never “number one” in his life. He is someone who can never be happy, because of his own self. That is why she gave up on Dong-Hoon.


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