Introduction: Lee Ji An

lee ji an

Translated by @justamom from tvN’s website.

Lee Ji-An (Age 21 / Lee Ji-Eun)

“Would anyone want to get close to me, knowing what kind of child I was?”

A rough woman whose body has battled cold reality.

Left alone with her ill grandmother when she was six. Words like dreams, hope and plans long thrown away in the trash. Paying off accumulated debts over and over again. She works where she can, eats when she can, and lives where she can.

It’s not that no one has helped Ji An before. After the fourth time, they always run away. “People who make use of my unfortunate circumstances so they can feel benevolent”. She is a cold child who has come to view other people with distrust and a cold laugh.

But a great opportunity comes for her to escape her circumstances. She feels no guilt. But the closer she gets to Park Dong Hoon…the more deeply she gets to know him, the more he draws her interest.

“Don’t you dare touch Park Dong Hoon! I will kill anyone who tries. If someone destroys him, it will be me, if someone saves him, it will be me.”


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