Introduction: Park Dong Hoon


Translated by @chickfactor from tvN’s website.

Park Dong-Hoon (Age 45 / Lee Sun-Kyun)

“Life is also a battle between external and inner strength. If inner strength is strong, no matter what happens, you can endure.”

Structural engineer. He lives life by “going with the flow,” and never ventures beyond, a very cautious person.

He studied more than an architect, but he chose to be a structural engineer, who lives in the shadow of the architect, perhaps because of his personality. Because it was more comfortable. He doesn’t like standing out and he doesn’t know how to show-off.

“This is enough.”

He was pushed down to the lowly position of the safety inspection team, and his college junior sits on top of his head, but he still thought it was enough. At these words, his wife’s face was cold, “Fine, it’s enough for you. Not for me.” So as soon as their son was born, she passed the bar exam, then sent him thousands of miles away to study abroad. But his wife earned well, so it was enough. He has two brothers who were running on the downhill path of life, but they were shallow people who constantly giggled with enjoyment, so he was thankful, and thought, yes, this is enough.

But a strange child begins to shake Dong-Hoon up. Rough and reckless 21-years-old Ji-An. Her words are uninhibited. She is chilling, like she just stabbed you with a knife. But this child, she seems to know Dong-Hoon’s life. Dong-Hoon sheds tears, and his heart becomes peaceful. At age 45, he feels like a flower discovered in the street for the first time…

“She is a dangerous child. Be careful, then be even more careful.”


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