My Ahjussi: tvN’s Initial Concept

The initial concept for My Ahjussi…

Translated by @chickfactor and edited by @justamom from tvN’s website.


The male stars of dramas are always successful

Doctors or lawyers, or business men
With enviable jobs
Super memory or reasoning abilities
Some extraordinary ability
Or someone who does not exist in reality
Like someone from outer space
In whatever form or shape, they are successful

Do such people really exist among us?
Even if they did
Have you ever been touched by such a person?

We want to be moved by people
Not in a glamorous way,
But by people deeply in touch with humanity.

There is an ahjussi
His experience is not admirable, and his abilities are not enviable
He just lives by “going with the flow”

But inside him, there is the innocence of a nine-year-old boy
A sharpness that has not been dulled by habit
And an instinctual warmth and simple honesty towards humanity
An ahjussi who will show us the “charm of humanity” that we have forgotten
Seeing him will feel as if you have washed your eyes and ears with clear water

Ahjussis so common they overflow the streets
So shabby and pathetic before
You will come to love them to death
You will laugh till tears come to your eyes, and in the end you will weep.



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