5 thoughts on “BTS #4: IU, Lee Seon Kyun, Halmeoni, and the Soccer Gang”

  1. Omo~! This is an official BTS, and the subs actually called DH Bong Ae halmeoni’s “grandson”… He IS the grandson-in-law after all! And that was his role at the funeral too, wasn’t it! My delulu mind is not so delulu after all.

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  2. Hi, @justamom here

    Sorry, but I think the BTS translation wasn’t correct. What the TVN caption says is:

    귀가하는 조손을 기다리던 동훈 (aka 다정 보스)

    Or, “Dong Hoon, aka the compassionate boss, who waits for grandmother and grandchild to return home”

    So the real shipper here is IUstarteamcandy! Lol

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    1. You obviously know what you’re saying, but I meant the caption just before that, at 0:22 –
      그리고 귀가하는 조손을 기다리던…
      (And the grandson who has been waiting at home…)

      Does “조손” mean grandson, by any chance?


      1. Yes, that’s exactly what it means: Dong Hoon, who was waiting for the grandparent and child to return home.

        The hanja for 조선 is 祖孫, which can mean grandchild or grandparent and child, but it is being modified by “Dong Hoon who is waiting for”

        If the meaning was “the grandson Dong Hoon”, it would have said 기다리던 손자 박동훈

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