A Realistic Drama with Realistic Relationships

By @ninaanin from Soompi

As we know, this is a realistic drama, that tells a human story, doing it as it is and not as it should be.

So, in real human life: usual couples get together, usual couples break up or don’t get together, marriages are salvaged, marriages aren’t salvaged, people break social rules and make unexpected and unusual couples that work.

I think that this drama is narrating those kind of realistic human situations:

1. usual couples get together – Yura and KH;

2. usual couples break up or don’t get together – JH and the monk;

3. marriages are salvaged – SH and his wife;

4. marriages aren’t salvaged – DH and YH;

5. unexpected and unusual couples that work – DH and JA.

This is realistic and human.


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