Introduction: the Saman E&C Ensemble

Translated by @chickfactor from tvN’s website.


Do Joon-Young (Age 42, CEO) / Kim Young-Min

A CEO at SamAn E&C, up for re-election.

Dong-Hoon’s college junior and Yoon-Hee’s college mate.

Handsome, went to good schools, has good manners, and that is it. He acted as if he had the other things. So rumors about him grew and he became the son of a “royal family,” and thanks to that, he even became the CEO of the company that gave him his first job. If the chairman without a family just passed his shares to him, he would be the owner of the company. In order to be reelected, he would need to increase the people on his side.

But the chairman is looking at Park Dong-Hoon with interest. But it was always like that, since college. No matter how you look at it, he is so much better than Park Dong-Hoon, but people always liked Park Dong-Hoon better. Even Yoon-Hee married Park Dong-Hoon. Park Dong-Hoon, this damned bastard, always looking at him with an indifferent gaze, as if he can see through him.

So Joon-Young decides to fire Park Dong-Hoon…


Director Yoon (Age 51) / Jung Jae-Sung

Do Joon-Young’s right hand.

An opportunist who is great at taking sides.

It doesn’t matter if someone is older or younger than him, if someone is above him, he bows down low and sticks to him. That is why he chose to “stand in Joon-Young’s line.” He takes the lead in the maneuvers to get Joon-Young reelected, but he is not intelligent, so things get twisted.


Chairman Jang (Age 75) / Shin Goo

Founder of SamAn E&C

He seems like a friendly neighborhood grandpa who looks after even the home life of the lowest-level employees, but you cannot know what he is thinking. He recruited Exec. Director Wang in order to help SamAn grow, but Director Wang’s mistakes pave the way for Do Joon Young to become CEO. The tension between the two that has stretched taut for the past five years has come to a breaking point. On the other hand, he has an eye on Park Dong-Hoon with favorable feelings.


Exec. Director Wang (Age 75) / Jeon Kuk-Hwan

Royalty down to his bones.

He has a lot of connections, so he made great contributions to bringing SamAn E&C to where it is now. He believed that he will become the company’s owner in the future so he always spoke formally to Chairman Jang even though they were the same age. But Do Joon-Young suddenly became the CEO. The insolence!


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