When Dong Hoon hit her

Soompi members share thoughts on Dong Hoon’s disturbing slap on the head

By @Sakari, @akhenaten, @tiger457_stv and @anipanch from Soompi


This scene is preceded by one at the office where Dong Hoon is told that Deputy Kim has a crush on a female colleague, but that the  lady already has a boyfriend. His reaction is that Deputy Kim “is letting his imagination run wild, that’s why he feels like he’s going crazy. Those kinds of emotions will be gone as soon as he gets a good slap on the head.” And Dong Hoon proceeds to do just that, to give the poor guy a good slap on the head. Ji An witnesses all of this.


So, this is what Ji An refers to in the evening scene. She asks Dong Hoon to give her a slap like that, to rid her of her “pathetic” emotions. Unfortunately for Dong Hoon, when he finally does slap her on the head, she overdoes the physical effect and falls to the ground. But this is not because of being hit violently, it’s for theatrical effect – for the lurking photographer.


I think Dong Hoon immediately regretted hitting her. If you watch that scene again, you’ll see how shocked his expression was the minute he hit Ji An and she fell down. Then when Ji an walked away he didn’t leave immediately and even when he also walked away, he kept on turning back to her and even looked like he was about to go after her.  I just don’t know how JiAn would’ve reacted if he ran after her and apologised because that might spoil her plan of making it look like he doesn’t like her at all. I’d have to rewatch episode 11 again to see if there are scenes of him showing his remorse.  But I think that scene of him telling Ji An to buy him another pair of slippers was his way of saying he was sorry for what he did and he is grateful for her gift.  At least I think Ji An already saw it that way because of what she said to him on the train after saying she stayed late at the office to wait for him because she missed him. (Awww. May I just insert here how much I love that scene?  So simple and straightforward and so quietly done.  But it hits you with an impact that takes your breath away for all its stark simplicity and sincerity. :wub:)  She actually said he made her like him more because of what he said and I guess she didn’t need to hear him say the exact words “I’m sorry I hit you” anymore. She already understood that, in between his words of not making uncomfortable relationships and going to their relatives’ funerals and greeting each other warmly years from now, he was apologising to her for making her think he was rejecting her and for hitting her.  Between the two of them, a lot of communication is non-verbal and I think both of them already knew without hearing the other asked forgiveness and has been forgiven.


How would you, as the Ajusshi, apologizes to Ji-an? Notice that this is a very difficult subject to approach. Ji-an just declared herself and even shouted that Park Dong Hoon likes Lee Ji An to the whole neighborhood. The fact that it is difficult for him to talk about… is because he truly likes her… and he does not want to admit that even to himself!  So he does not want to bring up that subject, shunting it like a pariah!!! Since they are soulmates and know each other’s thoughts, he knows that she knows that he did not mean to slap her on the shoulder and would forgive him.


It was a slight slap on the head but JA dropped on the ground for the photographer. Besides, if she didn’t act like that I think it would’ve looked like DH was patting her head on the photo. It was all calculated by JA beforehand. It’s funny to even consider that DH would act violently toward a woman let alone JA. He didn’t even lay a finger on his wife while she confessed her affair.


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