A Log of Interesting Dialogues & Happenings

+1 for each time it happens (in which episode, when / where / with whom it happens, what is said or {regarding what})

JA = Ji An
DH = Dong Hoon
KI = Kwang Il
YH = Yoon Hee
JH = Jung Hee
KH = Ki Hoon
SH = Sang Hoon
CD = Choon Dae
JY = Joon Young
YR = Yura
SW = Sang Won

JA admits that she likes DH.

+1 (ep 8, to KI)
+1 (ep 10, to DH)
+1 (ep 12, to YH on the phone)
+2 (ep 12, to Saman’s board of directors)
+1 (ep 16, at police station)

Someone else tells DH that JA likes him.

+1 (ep 13, one of the directors)
+2 (ep 14, JH, when she is alone with DH and at the party)

Someone else points out that DH likes JA.

+1 (ep 8, JY{on DH eating and drinking with her})
+1 (ep 14, JY, You two must really love each other a lot.”)

Someone calls DH an idiot.

+1 (ep 9, JA to YH)
+1 (ep 10, KH at Jung Hee’s bar, {DH getting beat up})
+1 (ep 15, JA to DH, {JA puts her guard up when DH confronts her})

{DH wants to pay in JA’s stead}

+3 (ep 9, to KI{JA’s debt})
+1 (ep 10, to KI{JA’s debt})
+1 (ep 10, to JA{JA’s debt})
+1 (ep 16, to SH{Halmeoni’s funeral costs})

“Thanks.” (DH to JA)

+1 (ep 2, on the subway“Thanks [for throwing it away].”)
+1 (ep 6, by the railway“Thanks for hitting him.”)
+1 (ep 7, over a meal{DH makes an excuse to eat with her})
+1 (ep 13, in front of her house{DH turns down her offer to hug him})
+1 (ep 13, in taxicab, {for her text})
+1 (ep 13, in their neighborhood“Thanks for being by my side.”)
+1 (ep 14, on the subway, “I became a director. Thanks.”)
+4 (ep 15, at CD’s place)
+1 (ep 16, at the cafe)

“Thanks.” (JA to someone else)

+1 (ep 12, to DH and his neighborhood pals{for walking her home})
+2 (ep 16, to DH at their regular bar“Thank you for allowing me to reveal everything. Thank you for being so good to me.”)
+1 (ep 16, to SH (and KH?){while saying goodbye to SH and KH})

“Let’s be happy.”

+1 (ep 7, DH to JA)
+1 (ep 11, SW to DH)
+1 (ep 15, DH to himself)
+1 (ep 16, DH to JA)

“It’s no big deal (아무것도 아니야 / 아니다 / 아니에요)”.

+1 (ep 1, to the rest of Team Three{DH frantically searching through cabinet drawers})
 (ep 4, to KH{SH’s humiliation})
+2 (ep 4, to thug{his family not knowing he got humiliated})
+1 (ep 6, with JA @ their regular bar{YH’s affair})
+3 (ep 10, to JA{JA’s past})
+1 (ep 10, to Section Chief Song{Assistant Manager Kim’s unrequited feelings})
+4 (ep 13, with KH & SH{what Dad used to tell him and what he now tells himself})
+1 (ep 14, with SH, {JA’s disappearance})
+1 (ep 15, to Ki Bum{telling JA that it’s no big deal to reveal everything})
+2 (ep 15, to JA{on revealing everything})

+2 (ep 11, SW to DH)

+1 (ep 13, JA to DH)

+2 (ep 15, KH to YR, {if both of his brothers aren’t crying at once, then it’s no big deal})

+1 (ep 7, YR with the neighborhood ahjussis{what she tells herself about failing})

{DH / YH opens window in their apartment} = stuffy marriage?

+1 (ep 6, YH{after telling DH about bank interest rates})
+1 (ep 9, DH{after cleaning apartment})
+1 (ep 13, YH{after telling DH that KH knows about her affair})

{DH hits something / throws stuff out of anger}

+1 (ep 7, at campfire site{YH’s affair})
+1 (ep 11, in own apartment{YH’s affair})
+1 (ep 11, apartment door{YH’s affair})

{DH hits someone}

+1 (ep 9, fistfight with KI{JA and her debt})
+1 (ep 10, hits Assistant Manager Kim at the back of his head{to get rid of his unrequited feelings})
+1 (ep 10, hits JA at the back of her head{the truth is too much to take in})
+1 (ep 11, punches JY{YH finds out he knows})
+2 (ep 13, slaps KH{KH threatens to beat “that bastard” and “that bi*@# of a sister-in-law”})
+3 (ep 14, punches JY{JA, the two of them being “sleazy”})

DH isn’t good at reciprocating intimate feelings…

  • DH says “Crazy bi*@# / bastard” when someone says Ily to him

+1 (ep 6, to Assistant Manager Kim)
+1 (ep 10, to JA)

  • When someone initiates a hug with DH:

“Are you crazy?” – to SW, ep 11
Doesn’t hug back – with SH, ep 14
Stands stiff – with Mom, ep 14


(The only time he hugs people back is during the announcement of the director selection results, with his team members)


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