Dong Hoon’s “Shocking” Touch

Translated by @justamom from DC Inside.

More than Episode 16, it was Episode 14 that shocked me

In episode 14, Dong Hoon picks up a family photo of him, Yoon Hee and Ji Seok, stroking it as though it is something precious, before setting it down on his table next to a photo with him and Ji Seok.


It gave me a shock, as it suggested to me Dong Hoon’s determination to continue his marriage with Yoon Hee.

But Episode 15 gave me hope. Watching Dong Hoon caress his phone, his one link to Ji An, it made me think, he wants to continue this relationship with Ji An.


Now, the much awaited photo scene in Episode 16….

To me this was evidence that it is impossible for Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee to ever get back together.

That photo of Dong Hoon, Yoon Hee and Ji Seok has completely disappeared.

The photos are just of Ji Seok and Yoon Hee.

Of course, there is also that photo of the three brothers…

But the photo that represented Dong Hoon’s determination to keep his family together has vanished, leaving only photos of Yoon Hee and Ji Seok, which to me suggests that Yoon Hee is no longer part of his family, no longer his chib saram, but just Ji Seok’s mom, ae omma.

That is why it is completely impossible for me to even consider that Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee reconciled.

Of course, everyone has their own judgement. And that’s how I see it.

(From @justamom: that first touch in episode 14, did you think that was a “longing touch”, “shocking touch” or was he just wiping the dust off the photo? The second “touch” in episode 15 to me, is a much clearer example of a “longing touch”)


A reply by @sadiesmith from Soompi:

I rewatched that scene several times and still it looks like he is dusting it.  Dust on the family picture tells me that the marriage has been neglected for too long, and now Dong Hoon is resolved to fix it damnit (wiping the dust off) and put it back on display.  As much as he is trying to deny it though, we know his heart is not with his wife anymore (evidenced by his wearing the new slippers), and so it does not take long before he himself comes to grip with the reality that his marriage is not salvageable (the crying scene).




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