Lazy Writing… It is Not

By @noor1, @justamom, @ccl82 and @MsMinnieFan from Soompi

@noor1‘s raw emotions after watching Ep 13 (Raw):

The writer of this series has had viewers (and Dong-Hoon) by their balls or whatever since day one: she let Ji-An be seen as a young, pretty but disheveled, always panting, open mouth, eyes averted, totally direct no-filter, strong character – indirectly sexualizing her in front of this naive, straight-laced, boy scout of a guy (who wasn’t getting any action at home) – basically a ‘dominant’ to his ‘submissive’ – which is part of Ji-An’s appeal to Dong-Hoon (the indirect sensual appeal). She’s ballsy/ gutsy, he’s laidback / passive. He gets to feel like a romeo without any action; he gets to save her without any medals; he gets to be around her without any commitment / ‘labels’. This is not life. This is fantasy. The writer’s (and viewers’) fantasy. And it’s idiotic, not romantic.

On top of it, there’s this emotional connection despite a difference in everything else. And Dong-Hoon keeps explaining it as if it’s nothing more than just a support system (‘who will understand it?’ he says this time around). Unless this drama pulls up its socks and gets real – and Dong-Hoon makes a decision: Ji-An as a road companion or Ji-An as a lover, and then spells it out to her – it’s lazy writing.

@justamom responds:

I disagree. I thought the writing and directing was fascinating. There is so much longing in this episode. He’s longing for her. But it’s not in his speech. It’s on his face.

The first scene when they walk home.

Ji An: “You’re taking your time tonight.”

Dong Hoon: (glances at Ji An)

Ji An: “When you first started walking with me you walked fast. That’s because you were uncomfortable with me.”

Dong Hoon: (starts walking very fast away from her)

I’m a scriptwriter myself and this show is amazing on so many counts. I can’t even begin to imagine how great this script is. I bet all around Asia actors and directors and scriptwriters are going to study the script. How do you even write something as good as that? I can only imagine the action tags. What would a more plain vanilla drama have done?

(example of lazy scriptwriting)

Ji An: I wish you didn’t have to go tonight. I wish you could spend more time with me.

Dong Hoon: That makes me uncomfortable. Don’t say that. You know that can’t happen.

@ccl82 adds:

I don’t watch too many Korean dramas, but as I’ve often seen, the kiss/ hug/ arm pull – i.e. stronger / definitive indication of interest – happens earlier on. Maybe this is how it is in real life for some people: they’re in the right place, they know what they want, they get what they want.

In My Ahjussi, we’re into episode 13, and people are still debating on whether he likes her or not. Maybe this is how it is in real life for some people: they’re not in the right place, they go round in circles, they may or may not get what they want.

@MsMinnieFan adds:

You know what I realize about this show… don’t try and predict it. Also I have found that every time I get a little frustrated with one episode, I am always pleasantly surprised at the end. All in all I happy with this episode, and I think that I will appreciate a lot more with subs.

@arctichare closes with:

I’m surprised to see people were expecting a definitive answer to the relationship conundrum in this episode. It’s the thirteenth episode y’all not the sixteenth. As someone said in this thread earlier, that’s the game. The writer is not about to give it away in the penultimate week of the show.


And even at the end we may not get a definite answer, as an open ending is very much in the cards. I know most of the folks here do not want an open ending but personally I would not have a problem with it. In some instances, I might even prefer it.

Speaking of the episode, all the scenes involving the three brothers were A++++. All three actors just hit it out of the park!

Dong Hoon was literally killing me in this episode. I obviously didn’t expect him to hug Ji An. Ji An didn’t expect him to hug her either. No one, who knows anything about Dong Hoon would expect that from him at that moment.

But good god, he literally spent the rest of the episode reacting to her/thinking about her. Even in the scenes with his brothers, she was not far from his mind. He was being so obvious about it, I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. Good lord, someone please help this man to process his emotions in a healthy way.

@justamom responds to the bolded above:

This!! This, my friend, is first class scriptwriting.

Not “보고 싶어 보고 싶어” (I miss you) on repeat.


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