What’s to Blame for the Disintegration of Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee’s Marriage?

By @tiger457_stv and @40somethingahjumma from Soompi


In reality this reader feels sorry for Lawyer Kang Yoon Hee… They are not suited for each other, but probably by the time she came to realize that, they already had an infant son! At that point the instinct was to endure… for the next 9 years then… she succumbed to temptation. Unfortunately she does not seem to be able to redirect her needs toward her son either… altogether she’s a rather lonely woman!

In reality, this reader thinks that Lawyer Kang Yoon Hee is a more normal person in this relationship than Engineer Dong Hoon. He has a martyr personality which is quite rare, since most human is innately some what selfish (i.e. we need to think of our self first).  His lawyer wife is such a person. With her husband who shares everything with everyone, her piece of affection is too little! So we should not judge her too harshly… Everyone make mistakes (this reader included)!

Once they separate (which is almost certain) she should post a wanted add:  Looking for single 40-something man… without a suitcase!!


Where would the fun be in drama watching if we aren’t allowed to judge fictional characters harshly?


But the reality is that even though everyone makes mistakes… some mistakes have more terrible consequences than others. It’s the unseen kid I feel for. And loneliness can’t be a blanket justification for doing silly things. In her case the remedy would have been simple… invade his world and the people in it.

I don’t think DH’s really a martyr… at least not in the way I understand the word. He has a highly developed sense of responsibility to his family which is apparently not uncommon with middle children. There’s some justification for it. Everyone around him is living the way they want to and he can see that it leads to all kinds of nothing good. But there can be a kind of selfishness to his goodness to if he’s using to fill up the emptiness in his own life, to feel better about himself when he doesn’t know how else to make the people around him happy.

My main issue with him is not that he takes care of people rather too well but that he bottles things up in rather unhealthy fashion. It’s a surefire way of shortening one’s life and erupting like a volcano some time down the track.

I don’t think the show (nor I) place all the blame in the failure of this marriage entirely on YH’s shoulders. But adultery does tend to muddy the waters.

More discussion on Dong Hoon & Yoon Hee’s marriage here.

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