Jung Hee Deserves All the Love, All the Million Roses

~ An appreciation post for our Jung Hee Eonni by Soompiers ~


Jung Hee is my favorite character in episode 13. It took her a long time but she put on her best clothes, heels, straighten her hair, and brought a lighter to see an ex-lover at the temple.

She proudly wear her heart in her sleeves. Pour her feelings and resentment towards the man she loved all her life. The monk was shook for a moment there. Say what you mean and to hell with it! I hope DH can learn from Jung Hee and stop being pitiful. It is you alone that can pick yourself up and seek your own happiness.


Jung-Hee. What an awesome lady. You deserve all the love, all the million roses.*

I’m sure Mr. Monk will eventually exposit why the heck he did this to you, but girl, you just speak your truth like you did today, then cry as much as you want. Cry it out, girl. And hugs from me.


Besides JA and DH relationship / friends I find heartbreaking JH and the Monk story. So much hurt in this. I cry every time there is an scene of the two. I really hope JH can find happiness and peace.


The only person whose story moved [in ep 13] was Jung Hee. I loved how she called out Monk for his selfishness. All he could offer her was “let’s eat!” The heck!! All she wants to hear, all she’s ever wanted to hear is , “I’m sorry.” but he offers food. She wants healing dude! Closure! This is a healing drama! Style up!! LOL!

This rant of hers made the episode for me….

“My entire body hurts, there isn’t a single part of my body that doesn’t hurt. I hate the fact that my eyes open in the morning and when I open them, the first thing that happens is that they fill with tears. I feel like I won’t be in pain anymore if you come, though. So come, come back already. I don’t want to grow old and die by myself.” 

(Let’s eat. Let’s go.)

“You love baby goats and some damned grass, so why don’t you love me? You won’t be able to achieve enlightenment here! You need to live with a pain in the bum woman like me to achieve it! You won’t be able to achieve enlightenment by being stuck on a mountain like this! Come down from this mountain, before I set this entire place on fire!”

You need to live with a pain in the bum woman like me to achieve it!”

I agree, dealing with life and the tough experiences is what opens your eyes and your mind. After all, didn’t Buddha go out into the world where he found enlightenment, or at least a basis for his ideology? Locking yourself up from the world where things happen is kinda counterproductive, isn’t it?

Whatever this monk did, leaving her without an explanation except that he is checking out of the rat race, must have cut her up deeply. Yes, it’s been like 20 years, which is rather long, but I love how she feels all her emotions (unlike our lead. lol.) Her reaction is different from mine, if you leave my life, I forget you too. Out of sight out of mind, you piece of crap!

* Here’s the reference to the million roses:


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