Kimchi Sweet Potato’s Music Videos

I started making FMVs because my family and friends didn’t quite get it whenever I would rant and rave about a drama.

With My Mister, I am ashamed to admit, I was not interested initially. I had read articles from casting until the premiere but didn’t really think I would watch it. However, after watching Misty, the concept of a healing drama intrigued me. I liked that it also appeared rather dark from the teasers and there was no fluff. The MV obsession started when I heard Sondia’s song Adult/Grown Ups while JA was washing the dishes and hiding food. I was completely blown away by the emotions both the song and the scene invoked. The clips kept piecing together in my head and I recalled searching YouTube for the song only to find out it was not released yet. I then made a prereleased MV using the audio from the first two episodes and you can say the rest is history. :D

– Kimchi Sweet Potato



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