Dong Hoon’s Smouldering Love Confession (2/3)

[Continued from Part 1]

~ Discussion on the penultimate episode just before the Finale aired ~

By @ninaanin

I so hope that you’re right. Not because I’m a shipper, but because I really like this drama and will feel my self robbed of a great drama. As I said, it is not because I see romance everywhere, it is because I feel it here. And, from DH’s expressions (I can’t understand Korean), I fell it was thown away in episode 15.

My greatest fear is the love expressed, felt and confessed by JA be down played to be a teenager crush, and then when she become more mature, she will see that it was only a crush or a hero worship kind of feeling. This will be so ….. At least, let JA live her love, even if unrequited, with dignity, beauty and romance.

And yeah: I’m not ashamed of the word “romance”. Why has this word become so shameful, why has it become synonymous with shallow feelings? Why has physical love become dirty and something shallow? If romance is heart and sex, then romance is one of the most beautiful and wonderful thing that there exists in this otherwise shallow world.

By @rellea

I was expecting them not to give us anything clearly in the direction of romance but it was kind of disappointing how involved YH got and how Dong Hoon went back to being all casual with JA. She poured her heart out to you and was planning to live in a tiny room the size of a bathroom working menial, backbreaking jobs for the rest of her life just so you wouldn’t be humiliated and all you have to say after getting her back is “I’m gonna go now”??? At least pat her arm or something!! Then again, he is the emotionally constipated, Dong can’t-even-hug-his-crying-mom-back Hoon. It would have been really OOC if he started bawling and clinging to her the way I maybe wanted in a tiny corner of my heart.

They threw us some tiny crumbs though. Like when the directors were all gathered together talking about how JA was DJY’s spy and the head honcho asks PDW (i think it was him) what DH felt for JA. DW says “He didn’t know about the recording so…” HH: “So…?” And DW just shook his head and kept quiet.

Idk maybe I read too much into this scene. I admit I’m desperate.

And then the teaser for tomorrow’s ep: “Can I hug you?”

Will we finally get our hug? I’ll be satisfied with that. Just don’t change their relationship into a father-daughter one please. :bawling:

By @timidjock0819

Key bread crumbs:

CD called him to pick up Jian

Granny entrusting Jian to DH

It’s like those two people knows that DH is responsible for Jian now. They are like elderly parents entrusting their daughter to the man she loves and partner in life. The other key point when his brothers saw Jian, right away they both picked up their phones calling him frantically. When DH sat down with her at the table with friends, the level of contentment in DH’s eyes was saying that they could stay and be this way forever.

However, I won’t delude myself that it can be anything more and will brush it as DH being the “most compassionate altruistic Ajusshi in all of South Korea” :lol: He is just being a nice neighbor that’s all. Nothing to see here folks.

By @chickfactor

What is this lack of hope for the shippers? The ship is cruising. Do we need kissing and back hugs to visually punctuate? It’s all about words. And the words… are smoldering.

Like @justamom said, “hold your horses.”

It’s going to be okay. More than okay, it will be gorgeous.

As @justamom translated, the scene at Choon-Dae’s when he finally found her was a full-blown, heart-pounding confession of LOVE. He will become happy FOR her (spoken), thus he will become happy WITH HER (implicit).

She understood. When she wept after hearing his words, she made that clear. They know each other. They get each other. They’re finally breathing the same air, on the same page.

It will be fine.

Things are at limbo right now. He is still married, his job situation is still not settled because once all this gets out, it will be a mess. There is a lot to sort out right now. No time for hugs, Dr. Jones. But it will happen in time.

The Chairman is Dong-Hoon’s ally. I LOVE it. He is a thoughtful man who does not deal with BS. Turns out he pretty much knew EVERYTHING including JY and YH’s affair. I told you, he has his ears on the ground. He’s on Dong-Hoon’s side and even promised to help Ji-An. It will be okay. He was on the edges of action all this time for a reason.

I do want to point out that DH, when he spoke to the Chairman, offered to quit his job, because it was his home life that contributed to the mess that damaged the company. The Chairman requested him to think about it, and that he didn’t want to lose DH.

So there’s at least one conversation that we never saw: Ji-An spoke to Dong-Hoon about Kwang-Il. That when they were young, Kwang-Il was a kind boy who carried Ji-An home after she was beaten to a pulp by his father. They both hurt remembering how kind they used to be each other, and DH comments that both their lives were ruined by a bad adult (Kwang-Il’s father). Even though we knew some of this, seeing it play out was just… :dissapointed_relieved:.

And Kwang-Il will do right by Ji-An, in the end.

And it looks like Ki-Bum was there, too, also with a bloody nose. Is he Ji-An’s brother or cousin? Anyway, looks like he’s always been around, living with Ji-An since childhood.

I love that Ji-An is hanging out at Jung-Hee’s. I hope she stays there for a while. Dong-Hoon, when sitting with Ji-An and the gang told them that Ji-An was the one who made him Director. And Jae-Chul joked outside that in that case, Ji-An must be the Chairman’s granddaughter. LOL! Meta joke.

I’m glad the car accident wasn’t that bad. It looks like she broke her arm. It was just enough to get these two back together, but not life-threatening. Thank goodness! (Now, no funerals and no tofu please.)

I love Yu-Ra’s loopy dialogue. “You’re a pretty girl who doesn’t know she is pretty. I hope you never find out!” Ha ha, such a funny girl. She’s the only girl who can control anger-ball Ki-Hoon.

I love Sang-Hoon. Only he can come up with that Hong Kong gangster fantasy. So awesome.

Some dialogue that I recall:

Yoon-Hee told DH: I knew by intuition that she liked you. She protected you with her whole body. And that hurt me enough to make me want to die, even more than (the affair). … I think she endured it all by listening to your voice.

Yoon-Hee knows they are meant to be together. She knows her husband. It hurts her to admit it, but she knows and she accepts.

Again, this marriage is dead. I just feel the need to say that yet again, because too many people are interpreting them continuing to live with each other and help each other as a sign that this marriage is viable, and I’m telling you, no.

But they are, and will remain each other’s allies forever. YH will do whatever she can to help DH sort out this mess. She will take responsibility and help both DH and JA.

It’s really lovely, actually. That even from the worst, most unimaginable mess that happens in life, you can, if you try, find some kind of grace and mercy and figure out how to make things right. It will be bittersweet for both of them, of course, but that’s how it goes.

Joon-Young is crapping his pants for real now. But even he will be okay. He will be shown grace and mercy in the end, too.

This story is so touching because it’s about the the greatest love just like @justamom said. This love is so great that it will overcome all the usual obstacles, it is transcendent. You’ll see.


It was surreal to see Ji-An with the gang at Jung-Hee’s. This place is like the inner sanctum. Him bringing her here is making her a part of his family.

Her willingly coming was a huge thing, right there. When she said that if she was re-born, she wants to be born in this neighborhood, my heart just wrenched. She found her home. HE is her home.

I already feel like I’ve gotten everything I wanted. (Am I delusional? Tomorrow we will know.)

My only hope is that they don’t kill off grandma. There is so much that needs to be worked out in the final ep, they just don’t need this. So I really hope the call from the nursing home is Kwang-Il trying to get in touch with Ji-An or something.

In one of the tvN clip videos they call the Jung-Hee Gang the “Hoo-Gye Avengers”. (They live in Hoo-Gye-dong.) I just thought that was funny and wanted to share that.


By @tiger457_stv

Seeing from the comments many Soompi members are impatient to see more open declaration of love affection etc…   that what has been seen is very mute.  Please realize  that Ji-an is in big trouble since she committed a serious crime that can land her in prison.

Engineer is demonstrating how much he care for her by doing everything he can to resolve her problem, finding her shelter, etc…..  this is not a time for declaration of any sort.

Would you prefer the cliché “I don’t know what will happen, but I promise we will be together for ever,  after prison, won’t we be parted…. so let us do have some skinship so we can remember this tender moment when you’re incarcerated.  Don’t worry I will buy lots of tofu for you!!”

He needs to keep her from prison, then deal with all of his baggage before he has the luxury to clarify the most important matter: THIS POOR GIRL THAT HAS SACRIFICED EVERYTHING FOR HIM… CAN HE TRULY CORRESPOND HER AFFECTION/LOVE….CAN HE MAKE HER HAPPY WITH ALL THE BAGGAGE HE STILL HAS? Ordinary men would promise the world, then deliver nothing.

An old-fashioned GENTLEMAN would NOT DO ANYTHING TO HARM THE ONE HE CARE ABOUT, OR PROMISE WHAT HE CANNOT DELIVER. HER LIFE UP TO NOW WAS RUINED, WITH HER REBIRTH. HE CANNOT DESTROY HER YOUTH AND A CHANCE FOR HAPPINESS IN THE FUTURE! A selfish man will leap, the wise engineer hesitate, analyze,  plan a solution, before he answer her question: Can I hug you just once? His thought is  probably: if I hug you once, I may not be able to let you go!!!!

…. so the last thing he must answer to himself: Am I the right man for her????

The PAIR are not selfish,  and would die for the other’s happiness!!! Which is why they ultimately will be together!…. or together with a small boundary! Because after what they’ve been through, they will never be separate again.. One farewell is enough….

At least Ji-an has been accepted by the GANG and Dong Hoon’s brothers!

Soompi members, what is the most important people in Dong Hoon’s life:

1) his wife  2) his mother/family and the Gang?

By being accepted by the GANG, she has a chance to be accepted by Dong Hoon’s mother…. This great opportunity allows the PAIR to spend time with each other, while helping each other through the most difficult part.  the last episode will be a whirlwind!!!!!

PS: Do Soompi members realize she is half-way into Engineer’s house???


[Continued in Part 3]


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