Dong Hoon’s Smouldering Love Confession (3/3)

By @justamom and @chickfactor from Soompi

[Continued from Part 2]

@chickfactor said:

What is this lack of hope for the shippers? The ship is cruising. Do we need kissing and back hugs to visually punctuate? It’s all about words. And the words… are smoldering.


THIS. I couldn’t believe that depth of emotions that Dong Hoon expressed in Ep 15. It made me question my own expectations of what a love story should be. I felt much more moved and touched by his words than I have in other so-called romance dramas. Honestly sometimes when I watch romance dramas I just don’t feel the love and the cliches they repeat ring hollow. Even the skinship feels cheap because — how many backhugs, don’t go hugs, have you seen? They’ve become such a tired cliche. I’m really hoping they do a good job with the 90 minutes they have to show us their happiness.

To me, what Dong Hoon said was so much more heartfelt and moving than a “I love you” or “I miss you.”

If I think of you suffering because of me, it hurts and I can’t go on.

I mean, that’s probably the best confession of love I’ve heard in a drama since Secret Love Affair. My heart hurt too, just listening to those words.

I just wanted to point out…to many of us we have been waiting for days and days on end because we are watching the show live, so for us anticipation and tension is at its peak.

But in show-time it’s only been three days! Three days since Dong Hoon’s non-breakdown break down in front of his brothers and his confession —“she is the one who helps me breathe.”

I mean I don’t see how you can say these things about someone – she helps me breathe, whatever you do doesn’t matter, when I think about you hurting I hurt too—without being completely and fully in love with him/her. They are unquestionably the most important persons in each other’s lives. And that moves my heart. Deeply.

The sneak peek scene is quite a bit later – no overcoat, late spring / early summer weather. So — give them some time folks, give them some time. It’s only been three days. But what a long three days it’s been.


Yes, it’s only been TWO days since he became Director. Jae-Chul specifically said that.

And he spent those TWO days desperately looking for Ji-An.

His conversation with her at Choon-Dae’s was as beautiful and heart-pounding a confession as anything. I do admit that he does have a very oblique way of expressing himself. But he’s pretty clear about what he is feeling and what he wants.

It’s like his family said (over and over). If he says he’s hungry, that means he’s *starving.* If he cries, that means something *really terrible* is happening. Joon-Young said that his idea of “liking” a woman is to eat and drink with her. Even Ji-An picked up that he walks fast when he’s embarrassed.

Anyway, back to the remarkable and amazing conversation at Choon-Dae’s:

He runs like a mad man to get there, and when he walks in, she’s initially shocked, but then reverts to the Original Tough Ji-An. Cold and mean. Calls him an idiot.

He realizes what she is doing and tells her thank you. Then he tells her that he will be happy, for her:

– because otherwise, her heart will hurt for him

– then his heart will hurt for her

– and he doesn’t want to hurt her

– because that will hurt him…

Okay, in retrospect, that’s pretty funny. It’s like they’re saying, “No, you hang up.” “No, you hang up.”

But he got through to her, and she breaks down sobbing, sheds the Tough Ji-An Mask and speaks her true feelings. Then they have that lovely exchange at the hospital, during which he basically says is that he knows her heart, and therefore could understand and accept anything she does. It was like that scene where he first found out that she killed someone, and declared, “I would also kill someone if they beat my family.” Just total, unconditional acceptance.

That’s what he does for her, and what she does for him. I found it very powerful.

And… this is what he does. It’s like that “buy me new slippers” conversation. She asked him to fire her and she’ll disappear and all his problems at work will go “poof.” He does not want that, and he makes that clear.

But instead of saying, “I love you, be with me, let’s kiss and then want to have some ramyun?” He says, “I will not fire you! Buy me new slippers!” And to him, that is huge. And more importantly, she knows that.

I want you in my life.

Jae-Chul is right. It’s like they’re speaking in code. But as long as they both know what the other means… well, it’s ON.

And a few more things:

– As much as Ji-An is willing to protect him with “every fiber of her being,” he is willing to do the same for her. He is willing to air out all his dirty laundry, and he is also willing to quit his job for her.

– I think it’s very significant that he brought Ji-An to Jung-Hee’s. It’s always been surreal to see Ji-An interact with DH’s world, seeing her work late with his team and run to catch the train, seeing the Hoo-Gye Avengers walk her home. Every little moment was so loaded with meaning.

And now seeing her really hanging out with the gang was awesome. That’s what makes this show great. They’ve really drawn and built up the characters so precisely that the audience understands how meaningful this is. A bunch of people sitting around and drinking is not an extraordinary thing. But we know these people now, and we know what a huge moment this is.

Also, I’ve been genuinely tickled to see if Yu-Ra and Ji-An would ever meet. And it was hilarious! I loved Ji-An’s “Who is this alien?” look on her face.

(your future sister-in-law)

Anyway, it really cracked me up that tvN called Yu-Ra a “미친X” (crazy bitch) in the title of their video clip. Ha ha.

Okay, now, onto the skinship part of our discussion:

First, I’m sorry but I like the word “skinship.” I dislike many made-up faux-English words that Koreans use but I like this one.

Second, they’ve laid the groundwork for a hug. So we’re going to get a hug.

And? It’s not going to stop at a hug.

We have come to know Dong-Hoon. He takes a while to make his move, but once he does, he is ALL IN. Once he gives his heart to a woman, that’s it.

So as someone else observed, once they settle into that hug, it’s game over.


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