Ji An & Dong Hoon’s Secret Code

By @chickfactor

I want to translate this because I thought it was so funny. And more than anything, it just made me feeling like everything will be all right.

It was a “healing” scene for me.

First thing is that Dong-Hoon slightly smiles at Yu-Ra as she runs by and says hello. Does anyone remember how Dong-Hoon ignored her when they met ONCE before and people freaked out? (“Why doesn’t he like her?”) Even just a little smile is a huge thing in this show.

The gang is fighting about tuna.

Everyone welcomes Yu-Ra and she says she came running all the way from the intersection. Then she disappoints everyone when she says she missed Ki-Hoon. She notices that Ji-An is new.

Jae-Chul: She worked at Dong-Hoon’s company, she lived in the above neighborhood, and now she is one of us.

Then he asks her to sit and have a drink.

Yu-Ra: It’s been a long time since I saw a woman wearing no makeup. I know what your style is. You’re a pretty girl who doesn’t know she is pretty. It makes me anxious for you, but satisfying for me. (sing-song) I hope you never know how pretty you are, never, never…

Jung-Hee: Hey, she needs to be wrinkled up again.

Ki-Hoon: I gave her too much love.

Yu-Ra: Want to be my little sister? I have a lot of clothes. It’s all expensive.

Ki-Hoon: How do you know how old she is to talk down to her?

Yu-Ra: I’m 100% right that she is younger. I’m 31. What about you?

Ji-An: 30,000 years old.

Jung-Hee: Oh, you’re the one who was 30,000 years old. Nice to meet you, I’m 40,000 years old.

Sang-Hoon says something about being 50,000 years old?

Dong-Hoon walks in.

Jae-Chul: Jung-Hee invited her in as she was passing by. Looks like our Dong-Hoon wasn’t such a bad boss, that she comes to visit his regular drinking place. I’m moved.

Dong-Hoon: It’s been a while.

Jae-Chul: Do you know that Dong-Hoon became a Director?

Ji-An: Yes.

Jae-Chul: Wow, she knows that. Usually, people don’t care if their old bosses become the president or the chairman…

Dong-Hoon: She is the one who made me one. A Director.

Jae-Chul: What is with everyone? Is everyone speaking in code today? 30,000 years old? 40,000 years old?

And how can she… ?

And the guys exclaim that she must be the chairman’s daughter. That she was “undercover.”

Both Dong-Hoon and Ji-An smile.

And I *DIE*.

@Justamom’s caption

Dong Hoon (sits down): It’s been a long time


Jae Chul: Did you know he’s been made director?

Ji An: Yes

Jae Chul: Most people wouldn’t care if their former boss…

Dong Hoon: She’s the one who made it (possible)




1st look: “So that’s the story we’re going with now? Fine.”

2nd look: “I thought we were going to pretend to be strangers??”


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