[GIF] The Electrifying ‘Farewell’ Conversation

Note the symbol Caution: Electricity that shows before, during and after the phone call. Knowing how deliberate Kim Won Suk PD is about details, I’m positive this tidbit was intentional. What could it mean? Dong Hoon’s pent up emotions? Our OTP, Dong Hoon and Ji An’s electrifying chemistry? Their emotions running dangerously high? In any case, uri PD seems to be the biggest shipper among us. (And that’s a relief.)

Comment from @arctichare: I noticed that during the split screen scenes Ji An’s scenes are stable (as if shot on a steady cam) while Dong Hoon’s are shaky. Perhaps to reiterate the fact that Ji An knows what she wants and how she feels but Dong Hoon still cannot allow himself to express what he wants, though these emotions are threatening to bubble over the edge.

Comment from @ninaanin: What the drama shows through the phone booth conversation, wasn’t a farewell of friends, but of lovers. They didn’t show a bittersweet farewell, but a painful one.


10 thoughts on “[GIF] The Electrifying ‘Farewell’ Conversation”

  1. This is the very scene when all my dam finally crumbled and broke. I feel their pain of separation, of being forced to let go. I already knew long ago that Dong Hoon loves Ji An though he never vocalized it, but this scene cemented everything.

    I don’t know what kind of chemistry did IU and Lee Seon Kyun possesed but to create a phone conversation so electrifying… That is beyond comprehension.

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