More than just slippers

More than just a pair of slippers, slippers help Dong Hoon reach his comfort

All credit goes to the original user.


Dong Hoon puts on the slippers Ji An gave him.


I was so glad that he finally wore the slippers. I thought that he would just stare at them forever. When he brought them out and put them on the floor I said, okay that’s progress. When he actually wore them it was like, YES! He acknowledges JA. What she did for him. What she is doing for him. What she will do for him in the future even though she is not there physically now she is in his mind and hopefully soon will be by his side. He is bringing her along to share in his promotion and perceived happiness in the promotion. She said he wouldn’t wear them, but he is wearing them. Where are you JA? Won’t you come see DH wearing your slippers?  I think the slippers do represent JA. Something comfortable to slip into when there is so much stress in the workplace and elsewhere. Something casual, not too formal or uptight. Something that might be a bit big and not fit quite right but just fits anyway.

(Note that Ji An’s name means reaching comfort, and Dong Hoon appears to have reached comfort through the slippers Ji An gave him.)



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