[OST Lyrics] One Million Roses

Translation and interpretation by @chickfactor from Soompi

심수봉 – 백만송이 장미

A Million Roses (Lyrics Translation)

먼 옛날 어느 별에서
내가 세상에 나올 때
사랑을 주고 오라는
작은 음성 하나 들었지
사랑을 할 때만 피는 꽃
백만 송이 피어오라는
진실한 사랑을 할 때만
피어나는 사랑의 장미


미워하는 미워하는 미워하는 마음없이
아낌없이 아낌없이 사랑을 주기만 할 때
수백만송이 백만송이 백만송이 꽃은 피고
그립고 아름다운 내 별 나라로
갈 수 있다네

(Repeat Chorus)

진실한 사랑은 뭔가
괴로운 눈물 흘렸네
냉정한 사람 많았던
너무나 슬픈 세상이었기에
수 많은 세월 흐른 뒤
자기의 생명까지 모두 다 준
빛처럼 홀연히 나타난
그런 사랑 나를 안았네

이젠 모두가 떠날지라도
그러나 사랑은 계속될거야
저 별에서 나를 찾아온
그토록 기다리던 이인데
그대와 나 함께라면
더욱 더 많은 꽃을 피우고
하나가 되어 우리는
영원한 저 별로 돌아가리라
(Chorus x3)



A long time ago,
from some star where I was born
To give love, and then return,
I heard a small voice telling me
The flower that only blooms when someone loves
To make a million of them bloom
It only happens when you love a true love
The rose of love blooms


Without hate in my heart
When I give love without holding back
A million flowers will bloom
And to my home in the star, which is beautiful and which I long for
I can return

(Repeat Chorus)

What is true love?
I shed tears of suffering
There were so many cold people
It was such a sad world
After many years have passed
Someone who gave his/her whole life
Appeared suddenly like a light
And that love embraced me


Even if everyone leaves now
The love will continue
That person from the star who came to find me
I was waiting for him/her for so long
As long as we are together
Even more flowers will bloom
And we will become one
And we will return to the star, which is forever

(Chorus x3)


If we are to interpret the song “Million Roses” as some sort of blueprint for the show, I think it applies to both of them.

When DH told Jung-Hee about Ji-An saying she was 30,000 years old, he then said that he knew the answer: “This is not her home, but she thinks it is, so she keeps getting reborn.”

And then Jung-Hee answered with the song’s chorus.

(Ki-Hoon said he didn’t want to go live in the stars because it would be boring.)

And DH smiled to himself.

So I think when he’s talking about Ji-An’s feelings, he’s talking about himself, too.

He’s said that he doesn’t think he should ever have been born (like that building along the river), and he told Ji-An that this life felt like hell and he was being punished.

Ji-An said she enjoys running because she disappears, and that feels like her true self.

So they both have this poetic way of saying that they don’t feel like they belong here, in this world. That they both feel like aliens, and according to the song, as long as they love each other, they can return to their home in the stars together.

The moon and stars is a recurring motif. Ji-An’s grandmother loves looking at the moon.

(What are we watching, Game of Thrones? Ha ha.)


3 thoughts on “[OST Lyrics] One Million Roses”

  1. After being so good and watching other dramas, I, ofcourse fell back to rewatching bits of My Ahjussi again. What to do. It’s just so relatable and comforting. Ive just finished watching KimchiSweetPotato’s fmv with this song. It was the first time that Ive actually seen the full length of the lyrics and how I agree with this post! Everything about the lyrics really speak about DH and JA. Now I appreciate this song even more and this jumped up in my list of my fabe OSTs from this drama. I can now understand why LJE’s favourite line was of JungHee talking about people being petty when theyre not in love/don’t love. It was then followed by this song.

    I especially like the part of the song where it says theyll return the star together. It made the ending scene even more meaningful. Like how JA seemed to breathe a sigh of relief upon seeing DH again, their renewed faces that speaks of better days ahead. It felt like the final stop for JA, after 30000 years, she’s finally found what her soul was looking for and lastly, finding their way back home together. lol

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  2. I read the complete lyrics of this song some time ago and it brought tears to my eyes as the lyrics have a beautiful message and I think clearly speak of Dong Hoon’s life and his connection to Ji An despite the drama only overtly connecting it to JH and SW. Given how it could be the story of this drama, it dawned on me later that it was possible this song might have been part of the inspiration for this drama. The Korean version of this song was produced as a pop song in 1997. Both the writer and producer were at least in their teens when this was first released and popular and they could have been very influenced by this song.

    The drama doesn’t in any obvious way connect this song to Dong Hoon – similar to how it does not make obvious many other details connecting Dong Hoon to Ji An. However, it appears this song was newly produced for the drama (the singer was only in his early twenties when My Mister was being filmed) and the singer’s deep/low voice is very reminiscent of Dong Hoon’s voice which seems deliberate. (The original 1997 Korean pop song was sung by a woman.)

    A final subtle detail which might indicate this song is actually about DH is how the scene where the song is introduced ends. After DH and JH are talking at the bar and JH brings up this song, the scene ends with DH walking down a road going home. He is shown quietly singing part of this song and then breaking down briefly in the middle of the street and the scene ends there. So the scene points itself at DH.

    Such a lovely, heart touching song.

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  3. I later, after having written the post above, when back to rewatch this part of the drama. The scene actually ends with both DH and JA. It cuts away to her twice while it is showing him walking home and breaking down. She is in her room doing things while listening to him from her little speakers and is startled when she hears him cry. Then it goes back to him and while still bent over he says Fighting and then stands up. It cuts back to her again immediately after he says that, which she hears. Then it goes back to him walking home while the OST song briefly continues and then the scene ends.

    So the drama in the end shows this song is about them both and about their connection.

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