[GIF] Ki Hoon and Sang Hoon saying goodbye to Yoon Hee vs Ji An

Sang Hoon and Ki Hoon say farewell to Yoon Hee.

Comments by @chickfactor:

That celebration at Jung-Hee’s was the final farewell for Yoon-Hee. It was her final act of being “the good wife” for Dong-Hoon’s sake, and as she drives away, she’s mentally saying goodbye to everyone. No one knows this except her, Dong-Hoon and his brothers.

It’s sad. I’m sure they loved each other very much, and they always will. But she wanted to be his everything, and for whatever reason, she just felt like she wasn’t. So when she had the chance, she hurt him in the worst way she could and broke his heart.

Yoon-Hee already knows that Ji-An and Dong-Hoon belong together. She feels sad that she was (apparently?) never “that woman” for him, but she knows that Ji-An is. She knowingly hurt her husband very badly, and this (helping Ji An out in her prosecution) will be her final act of atonement.

Now, she’ll do what she can to make it up to him. And then she’ll move on. She may move to the U.S. to be with Ji-Seok, as someone in here already guessed she would.

This marriage is over. But I’m sure they’ll remain friends and good co-parents.
Sang Hoon and Ki Hoon say farewell to Ji An.

Comments by @h2ogirl:

Note how awkward the goodbye with Yoon Hee is, versus how warm it is with Ji An. Yoon Hee leaves hurt, in tears, while Ji An leaves with a grateful heart.

Also note how passive Dong Hoon is during the farewell to Yoon Hee, versus how impassioned he is when he tells his brothers to go on, in Ji An’s case.

With Yoon Hee, Ki Hoon doesn’t say much, other than “Go home safely.” He still appears disappointed that the sister-in-law he has always looked up to, turned out to be unfaithful to his beloved brother. Sang Hoon – a sweetheart beneath his goofy exterior – tries to maintain some camaraderie, but in vain. Yoon Hee sees through the discomfort in the air, and leaves in tears. She knows it’s over.

With Ji An, I love that Sang Hoon adds “See you again”. Nothing of that sort is said to Yoon Hee. Not only have Sang Hoon and Ji An forged a bond they both want to keep (thanks to Halmeoni’s funeral), but it’s also another breadcrumb that promises Ji An going back to Dong Hoon’s life, for good.


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