Dong Hoon’s Choice: The Path of Least Resistance vs. The Road Not Taken

In episode 14, we wonder about Sophie’s choice Dong Hoon’s choice. What will he choose in the end? The path of least resistance or the road less traveled?


Notable scenes:

Goodbye call: It was beautiful how DH’s footsteps were shot after Jian hung up the call. It appeared that he was limping and dragging himself like all the energy from his legs were drained out. These little things bring the most impact like how DH’s lips are quivering and trying hard to control his tears.

Phone booth – I have not seen such heartbreaking exchange between two people longing for each other. Jian made the decision to protect him at all cost. She will not dare dream of a future with DH. Aside from the marriage, Jian knows DH cannot live with rumors that will tarnish his impeccable reputation and being a murderer is something engraved in her past. She decided to leave and love him from afar instead…

Jung Hee and Jian – Two women with kindred spirits. Some people are only capable of loving one person for the rest of their lives. I think both of them share that same fate.

DJY & Jian – The intensity of Jian and my eternal adoration for this girl still lives on. It is rare for a K-drama to have the male lead be the damsel in distress and the heroine is the one threatening everyone to eff off! Just a wonderful role reversal.

“The scars I want to hide are my greatest weapon.”

IU (Lee Jieun) was so so good in this scene, girl you got me terrified.

DJY and DH  – Ahh yes the revelation. The one moment that stands out was when JYD accused DH of being sleazy, then a flashback of him sitting down with Jian in an empty bar. I guess it is very telling on how DH deals with his feelings for Jian. He punched JYD repeatedly as a form of misdirected anger towards himself. So heartbreaking when DH finally realized that he lost her and was alone in the movie theatre (Signal feels, everyone?)

If nobody knows I long for her, then it won’t be a big deal

If nobody knows I miss her everyday, then it won’t be a big deal

If nobody knows I couldn’t breathe without her, then it won’t be a big deal

The path of least resistance vs. the road not taken… A choice that Dong Hoon needs to decide on next week’s episode.

My Ajusshi is a realistic drama and I am no Pollyanna to believe in fairy tales either. As I said before, DH should just pick YH. She is the safest choice for him and can uphold his family honor. YH has the right pedigree to fit in and be a director’s wife. A path of least resistance and an easier non-complicated life for someone like DH. So what if she had an affair, as long as no one knows about it then the façade can just continue of a happy marriage. DH has been living this way for over 40 years, always afraid of living in shame or making a mistake. I am not expecting him to throw away everything he worked so hard for over someone like Jian. What kind of a crazy man will do that? It makes perfect sense and is logical that he will stay with YH.

Does DH really have what it takes to choose the road less traveled and pick Jian over anything else? I am not hoping for it. I cannot imagine DH capable of doing something so reckless. So I guess I will leave it to the writers to see the potential of My Ajusshi becoming the most romantic K-drama of this year. Hands down. Soulmates, true love, great love – whatever my delulu mind can think of… It is not enough to describe this story once DH will decide to pick Jian despite the fact he will likely suffer and keep on defending her past against judgmental people. Isn’t that enough reason for him to run away from her?

MA is nearing perfection if they will give me an OTP ending because it will permanently ruin my palette for romantic K-dramas altogether once this show ends. The story of Dong Hoon and Jian is that precious, beautiful, and unforgettable.


Well, whatever doubt that Korean viewers had about the age difference – probably isn’t a problem anymore, right? The drama won them over and everyone is rooting for these two to end up together.

It’s just so awesome how these two are both in fighting mode for each other. She was threatening to kill JY if he touches her Park Dong-Hoon.

Don’t you mess with Park Dong Hoon…

And Dong-Hoon punched JY for insulting his Ji-An. And in Ep.13, he was ready to do the same to Director Yoon.

Don’t you mess with Lee Ji An…


Note that the camera keeps showing that the flowering plum trees are blooming as THE PAIR walk… winter has come to an end.  Will spring brings more joy and warmth than the depth of cold, dark winter that just passed?


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