The Queen Passes the Torch

“It is kind of like some Joseon era thing, where the queen passes the torch to the royal consort.” ~ by @chickfactor from Soompi

People are insisting on saving this marriage? First, it’s not up to them, and second, this marriage is dead.

I’m not a marriage expert, but no one has to be to know this: marriage involves 2 people, and both people have to want to be married to each other. A couple can have trouble, or conflict. If counseling can help, then they should get the help they need, but both people have to want to make it work. If they both want to make it work, they can probably get over anything.

Yoon-Hee does not want to be in the marriage anymore.

The first time we see her, she’s in a hotel room waiting for Joon-Young. She didn’t just cheat on her husband, she set up house with another guy. They talked about marriage, they talked about growing old together. They talked repeatedly about how to get rid of Dong-Hoon from their lives. Should he be fired or divorced first? Or vice versa? Which is easier for them?

She pushed DH to quit his job because she decided it was nicer than letting him be fired. It doesn’t matter, she wanted him out of her life so she can be with Joon-Young.

This is not just cheating. This is a woman who has already mentally left.

Ji-An threw a wrench into their plans by breaking them up. Yoon-Hee cried, but she didn’t cry because she wronged her husband. She cried out of shame because she loved a douchebag.

Then Ji-An tells her that DH already knows. What does she do next? After shedding some tears of remorse in her car because he was so damn nice to her even after he knew, she calls Joon-Young from her phone in their home with the door open and yells at him about how DH knows everything. DH hears everything because he is also at home, which she knows. After all the effort they’ve made for a year hiding their affair, do you think this was a mistake? No, she wants to have it out.

The tension builds, and DH still won’t address the elephant in the room, so she finally falls to her knees and the dam breaks. It’s like a bloodletting, painful but necessary. She says she is sorry, and she means it. But she doesn’t say, “Please forgive me, please take me back.” Because she doesn’t want that.

When she has a chance to tell Ki-Hoon, she takes it. She makes sure DH knows, too, so they can have their all-night-long drink-n-cry session. Once the brothers know, the Pandora’s Box is opened. She’s lancing the infected wound and burning one more bridge.

This marriage was dead when the show started. Is the specter of *MARRIAGE* so strong and sacred that people need to see this resurrected somehow? I think marriage is a sacred thing and I respect it. I’m even married to another human being. But that doesn’t mean every marriage in the world needs to be preserved against all odds.

As I said before, I’m sure they loved each other. DH doesn’t seem like he would marry anyone if he didn’t love her. It’s always sad when a marriage dies, but make no mistake, she is gone and been gone a while.

They share a child together, they are bonded together forever. They’re going to treat each other with respect. They will care for each other, and look out for each other. She’s going to go to his mother’s funeral and they’ll greet each other fondly.

Her last act of atonement is to bring Ji-An back to Dong-Hoon. In this way, it is kind of like some Joseon era thing, where the queen passes the torch to the royal consort or something like that. Sorry, I made it weird. But that is what is happening. Let’s stop beating this dead horse of a marriage.


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