The Taming of a Wild Cat

Ji-an is a wounded wild cat that has been mistreated through her young life. Like a wild cat, she does not live, but rather, is in survival mode…

By @tiger457_stv from Soompi

This amazing story should be call “The Taming of a Wild Cat”. Ji-an is a wounded wild cat that has been mistreated through her young life. As she said, “People have tried to be kind to me before by giving me food… but after the 4th time they gave up.”

Like a wild cat, she does not live, but rather, is in survival mode where things like dining out, making friends, enjoying life…, love are all LUXURY that she has no time or energy to think about.

If some what seems to be kind, she will take advantage of them to live. But she does not trust anyone. She does not lament when there is no one to help her carry out her baby (grandmother) from the nursing home. She does not cry when she is beaten and wounded. She kills as a matter of necessity (no regret). Everyone who truly knows her is afraid of her and stays away (CEO said: Who is this kid?)

Then she ran into a very kind and upright and weak Ajusshi who did not reject her even though she lashed out at him, harmed him, rejected him…Who in many way suffers like she suffers (“You make 5 millions won per month and live like this, having people stepping all over you?”)

Who is the first human to move her emotionally, who started to pull her out  of her survival shell, whom she feels grateful to, whom she tries to protect (she slapped the engineer who belittled her Ajusshi), whom she is starting to have affection for!!!!

She is going to try to help her Ajusshi to succeed… a pathetic little wild cat trying to help a passive, overly nice middle-aged elephant navigate the dangerous world to the top!!!  This reader hopes the little cat won’t get hurt while the elephants stampede!

Both the old Elephant and the young Wild Cat will probably get hurt emotionally since they obviously have great affection for each other, but the Elephant won’t deviate from his responsibility  to everyone at work and is too upright to abandon his wife, unless she abandon him first and the age gulf is too great. Poor Ajusshi. Poor Ji-an.


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