Yoon Hee’s Redemption

A critical look at the development of Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee’s relationship (or lack thereof), and Yoon Hee’s path to redemption ~ by @ninaanin from Soompi

Narratively, there isn’t any evidence / situation to indicate salvation of Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee’s marriage: they barely speak with each other, they are awkward not only when together and alone…

Awkward when alone together.

… but also when with people.

Awkward around people.

Till now, during the narration process, there weren’t any moments pointing to the idea that a kind of healing process is being developed. For this to happen, the two would have to share more than 2 minutes in the episodes, and this with conversation and not only with silence and awkwardness. In short, the narrative doesn’t waste its time dealing with a ‘marriage healing process’ theme. The way the story is being told shows that if Dong Hoon were to be happy with Yoon Hee, it would happen only through an inertial force, since neither of them are putting any effort into it. This is all the more true if we take into account the preview for the last two episodes: Dong Hoon’s whole self is concentrated only in Ji An; Yoon Hee tells the truth about her knowing Ji An was working with Joon Young, and that he was using her to make a scandal. The fact that she never told him that, even after she broke with Joon Young, will be another example of the magnitude of Yoon Hee’s betrayal.

So, from the past episodes till the preview scenes, there is no indication of healing Dong Hoon’s marriage. To do that in the last episode would be lazy writing (and this is not a drama with lazy writing).

The above doesn’t mean that Dong Hoon won’t stay unhappy with Yoon Hee, with his “It isn’t a big deal” ideology, mantra, religion, principle, raison d’être, holy thing, whatever. It would be a sad ending for him, but there are real chances that we will get a sad ending.

Back to Yoon Hee: I think that she doesn’t love Dong Hoon anymore. I still think that she was self-centered, but I don’t believe she would have an affair being still in love with Dong Hoon. I think that both fell out of love during their marriage, then she fell in love with Joon Young (but it wasn’t deep). In my opinion, the healing for Yoon Hee’s character isn’t to be with Dong Hoon, but to let her self-centered-ness go and become a more selfless woman. And I think that she really regrets the fact that she lost this kind of man, and also his family and friends. She is sad about it, but she knows that it is impossible to be happy with Dong Hoon. It was clear during the celebration: if they stay together, it would be a life of “being a perfect couple” in front of the others, when alone at home it would be awkwardness mixed with Dong Hoon’s sad face and few words, and then her brothers-in-law: one making ridiculous efforts to help them endure the situation, the other giving her the “I don’t forgive you, b*” look.

By the way, Dong Hoon’s new office and the family pic are a perfect statement of him keeping his façade of a happy married man!

Dong Hoon adds a family picture to his new office almost as an afterthought. Source

She knows Dong Hoon won’t change things, she knows that both of them will be unhappy together.

And I came to what I think will be her closure in the process of becoming a less self-centered person:

1. She knows that Ji An likes / loves Dong Hoon;

Yoon Hee confronts Ji An about her feelings for Dong Hoon.

2. She senses that Ji An is a very important person to Dong Hoon;

What Ji An means to Dong Hoon, in Yoon Hee’s words.

3. She knows their marriage is doomed;

4. She will have a better idea of Dong Hoon’s feelings for Ji An when he will confront her about Ji An’s dealings. Just like Joon Young, she will conclude what kind of feelings they share;

Yoon Hee’s knowing look when Dong Hoon says, “She knows [me].”
5. She will come to know that Dong Hoon needs Ji An to be happy;

Dong Hoon-ssi is missing something in his life…
Are you the missing piece in his life?

6. She knows Dong Hoon won’t make the move to ask for a divorce;

[Dong Hoon tells Yoon Hee when she confesses:

I just don’t know how to end this relationship that we’ve maintained for 20 years.

Where am I supposed to start?

I thought I could get through it as long as you didn’t know… but that’s too difficult to do now. For both of us.]

7. She will be generous with him, and herself, and will free Dong Hoon. Plus: for Dong Hoon’s sake, she will let him be happy with Ji An;

8. She will show her selflessness and generosity by exposing herself as a cheating woman, which will allow Dong Hoon to be with Ji An.

9. She will exit graciously and redeem herself.


8 thoughts on “Yoon Hee’s Redemption”

  1. I have a question if someone can answer. In episode 16, the interrogation part, Joon Young keeps taunting about JA liking DH & JA back fires at him that why is he doing that? Does he petty everyone he likes? What is she exactly talking about? Is she implying him liking her? Just like she confronts Gwang II when he keeps visiting her & she says he misses her & likes her thats why he keeps finding a reason to visit her & even beat her up.


    1. Hi Punnika, I think Ji An is saying that because Joon Young keeps mocking her for liking Dong Hoon, that he doesn’t really understand what liking someone is like. She’s not implying that Joon Young likes her, but that Joon Young is cheap and petty when *he* likes someone. He’s not willing to sacrifice or endure hardships to protect someone he loves. This is why Joon Young and Yoon Hee gave each other that awkward look, because Ji An had just accused him of being a cheap/ petty boyfriend. And Yoon Hee probably agreed. I think it’s different from what she confronted Kwang Il about.


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