Everyone Has a Role to Play

My Ahjussi has constantly shown us that each character, no matter how small, has an important role to play in Dong Hoon’s life, whether they know it or not. ~ by @ccl82

Some examples…

Joon Young: As we all know, he essentially set up DH-JA relationship. I can’t hate JY; he often speaks the truth about DH, JA, YH, and at least he knows he’s a slimeball

Sang Hoon’s friend (Jae Cheul or something?): By passing his business to SH (and KH), DH no longer need to fund his older brother’s business, as per his mum’s request

Friend with beard (Moon Chul Yong): As JA’s neighbour, he watches over JA

Ae Ryun: In one sweep, made sure DH may once again acknowledge his bestie’s existence when he’s around Jung Hee

Restaurant friend: His place becomes kinda like a sanctuary for DH-JA, where they can eat, drink, talk, smile with no one to disturb them

JA’s guardian (Choon Dae): I’m still holding on to his quote about our hearts not being ruled by reason

Gwang Il: Resists temptation and lets go of his hatred for JA, allowing her to live her life afresh

As you go about your own day, remember, you too have the power to change / influence someone else’s life.



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