[GIF] As though his soul had left his body

To @ninaanin, the most impactful moment of Dong Hoon’s loss was when he realized that his connection to Ji An probably didn’t exist anymore. It almost looked as though his soul had left his body.

The best and powerful moment when they showed the impact of DH’s loss, to me, was when he realized that his possibility of connection with JA didn’t exist anymore. It was a bit funny, for the phone booth conversation was a so-called definitive farewell: they would meet each other by chance or when her grandma would die. Yet, he sent a message to her, was anxious that she didn’t answer, as if that so-called farewell didn’t happen, or didn’t mean anything. And then the powerful moment happened: when calling JA, he received the news that it wasn’t her number anymore. His world fell apart.

Dong Hoon hesitates for a moment before calling Ji An
Dong Hoon’s world falls apart

I can’t really describe with words (in English and in my language lol) the impact that scene on me. LSK’s acting was just awesome. It expressed loss, surprise, confusion, despair, emptiness, sadness, and the more vital: as if his soul would have abandoned his body.


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