[GIF] Parallels between the two affairs

It may seem easy to condemn Joon Young and Yoon Hee’s trysts because of the obvious, physical nature of their affair.

But were Dong Hoon and Ji An innocent because they held back and did not cross the physical line? Or did they engage in one of the greatest emotional affairs?

According to @ccl82, theirs was indeed an emotional affair. What’s more, it parallels Joon Young and Yoon Hee’s physical affair in several ways.

First off: Why do we call it an “emotional affair”?

Because Dong Hoon and Ji An fit into these descriptions to a T.

  • “An emotional affair is sometimes referred to as an affair of the heart. An emotional affair may emerge from a friendship, and progress toward greater levels of personal intimacy and attachment. What distinguishes an emotional affair from a friendship is the assumption of emotional roles between the two participants that mimic of those of an actual relationship – with regards to confiding personal information and turning to the other person during moments of vulnerability or need. The intimacy between the people involved usually stems from a friendship with confidence to tell each other intimate aspects of themselves, their relationships, or even subjects they wouldn’t talk with their partners.” (Source)
  • “Ask yourself, [Dong Hoon]: Am I doing things or talking about things with this person that I don’t do or talk about with my spouse? Am I going to complicated lengths to arrange time with this person? Am I either downplaying the relationship to friends or family members, or keeping it a secret altogether?” (Source)

Moving on… The parallels between the two affairs:

The blue phone booth

(Check out the rest of the ‘farewell’ phone conversation here)

The waiting / sleeping on sofa

Ignoring their apparently sleeping spouse

It still bothers me that they simply walked straight ahead without bothering to cover each other with a blanket, at least. You wouldn’t want your loved one to be cold, would you?

Confirming the “affair” via the phone booth location

In Yoon Hee’s case, this confirms her affair with 95% certainty (the next episode raises that certainty to 100%). In Ji An’s case, Dong Hoon shows the depth of his feelings for her and how unconditionally he loves her – even her wiretapping is “no big deal” to him.

In which case do you sense urgency?

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