There simply was no temptation… until now

A Soompi member wonders if Ji An is the very first temptation in Dong Hoon’s life, and contrasts the reactions of Dong Hoon’s brothers (as well the audiences) to Yoon Hee’s betrayal.


After seeing episode 13 with subtitles a few things stick out in this reader’s mind:

  1.  Engineer Dong Hoon is afraid to hug Ji-an, even once… At the beginning (in Ep 3) when his brother said that he has great moral self-control… He whispered to himself, “Because I have a lot of willpower, you think I haven’t gotten in trouble?… There simply was no temptation.”

    Fire = Temptation = Ji An
  2. Engineer’s phone need charging frequently (it’s being drained by the wiretapping).
  3. The three brothers are so different: The eldest brother Sang Hoon is emotional and has a good-heart. He also forgives easily. He takes responsibility for the failure of the three since he is eldest. Engineer Dong Hoon has great self control which has been tested by so many problems but he is near boiling point, which he tries desperately to hold in… The only reason he hasn’t exploded is because of some little girl (he thinks) whose words comfort him: You can’t die yet, Hwaiting, etc… and now she is gone, and he is at a loss as to what to do. The youngest film-director brother Gi Hoon is hot tempered and has no self control, but loves his brothers and take their pain personally. Of interest, the eldest brother said (like many Korean audiences) that Dong Hoon should reconcile with his wife, while the youngest brother said: Hell No (like many Soompi shippers??)!! Engineer was too numb even to think about this.
  4. Barkeeper Jung Hee has her confrontation with her old flame and realizes that the flame is gone, and now has to finish with her mourning so she can go on.
  5. Ji-an is head over heels in love with Engineer (almost every time she cries, it is because she witnessed his pain and suffering). She does not cry when she herself suffers, even physically. As has been said by Soompi members, half of the pair has reconciled as to their feelings.
  6. Engineer Dong Hoon thanks Ji-an privately after her (farewell) text wishing him luck in the interview, but did not have the guts to text her.
    Can you hear my heart?

    He is afraid and very confused about his feelings for her. Never in his life has he faced temptation and the desperate need for someone… certainly not his wife or family.

  7. When Engineer Dong Hoon was invited by his wife to drink, he reluctantly sat down, he with tea, she with coffee. They had some awkward forced conversation.
  8. When Engineer Dong Hoon came home after his confrontation with his brothers, he went straight to the bedroom. His wife Lawyer Kang Yoon Hee was on the couch and pretends to be asleep. There is absolutely no vibe between them… They might as well be strangers.
    Where’s the love?

    Does this scene remind you of something?


  9. Engineer Dong Hoon’s opponent in the directorship is a mid-level younger manager who obviously likes and respects him. Altogether a nice young man, but inexperienced, and as director he will be weak and manipulated by CEO’s side. Engineer Dong Hoon as Director however would not be easily controlled.
  10. Engineer Dong Hoon at the end of the episode gave a passionate defense of Ji-an.  He was much more animated (for him) on her defense than when Directory Yoon tried to unfairly smear his design of a building. Then he simply looks annoyed that a manager who is not even an engineer tries to critique his design… which was modified during construction, for convenience.
  11. At the end when Engineer Dong Hoon came out of the interview, highly upset by Director Yoon’s attack of Ji-an, found out that she was gone, and could not concentrate on his work.  He walked out after finding a new pair of slippers with the gift-giver gone… his face showing complete loss. It’s as if some one take some thing very precious to him and he is overwhelmed by its loss.

    What have I lost?

P.S.: It will be Lawyer Yoon Hee who files for divorce on the ground of irreconcilable differences, not Engineer Dong Hoon.

And that will be her redemption.

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