My Mister Cast’s Two Weeks Reunion

Oh Nara: My Ahjussi has become our fond memories! Hoogye! Hoogye! Hoogye! Chan-ul Piuge! (Empty our glasses)  At last, reuniting with the much missed My Ahjussi people. While eating sea snails at a restaurant just like Jeong Hee’s, in a restaurant in Pyeongchangdong, we created yet another fond memory together.  No one could bear to leave, so the place was lively until morning.  Be well (farewell) for now.

translation by @justamom from Soompi

Fun fact: according to Oh Nara in this interview, the My Ahjussi chat room was still active even ten days after the final episode aired.  Cast members continued to refer to each other by their characters’ names.  Lee Seon Kyun suggested this little reunion, and everybody from actors, to PD Kim Won Seuk, to screenwriter Park Hae Young planned to attend.


Screenshot (139)










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