Oh Nara – Our My Ahjussi Chat Is Just As Hot As Ever

Source from  naver

translation by @justamom from Soompi

Actress Oh Nara praises the teamwork in My Ahjussi.

It’s been ten days since the drama ended. But “it still feels like we’re filming”, everyone in the My Ahjussi chatroom still addresses each other by their character names, engaging in active discussion. It feels like “we’re in an extension” (of the drama).

Oh passionately portrayed Park Jung Hee, owner of Jung Hee’s bar in the drama. Forming strong bonds with of course Dong Hoon, his brothers Sang Hoon & Ki Hoon, their mother and Lee Ji An, she displayed an irreplaceable presence.

My Ahjussi has been called a healing story where people learn how to overcome life’s burdens, discovering the meaning of life through one another. Oh agrees.

“My Ahjussi was my ‘insaeng drama’ for audiences as well as for me. I was startled to see how immersed I was when I came out. The truth is, there haven’t been many dramas recently with the scent of humanity, have there? It was great to have encountered such a drama after such a long time. It’s not just about humanity, it healed and comforted us. Before I knew it my tears were falling. Even the cinematography was excellent, the scenes in Jung Hee’s bar were like appearing in a fantasy. It was very satisfying.”

The tight teamwork of My Ahjussi is also well-known. Not just among the actors but PD Kim Won Suk and his team. Oh says, “the team work was truly great.” It felt like we were a family while filming. Because of that we started calling each other by our character’s names very naturally. Lee Seon Kyun became “Do Hoon-ah”, Lee Ji Eun became “Ji An-ah”. “We’re still calling each other like that. It seems like no one wants to let go of the show. It’s the same for me,” she says.

The teamwork of My Ahjussi continues even after the final broadcast. Following the reward trip, they’ve decided to meet this Friday. Everyone from Kim Won Suk to Park Hae Young is coming.

“We decided to have a really big gathering. We’re planning to eat sea snails in a restaurant like Jung Hee’s. It was Lee Seon Kyun’s idea. Everyone from the production team to the cast is coming. A lot of us won’t be taking part in the reward trip due to our schedules. I think this will be the first time that we feel so empty.”


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