Bringing our twenty years to an end

Many have said “Dong Hoon’s not the kind of guy to divorce.” “No, not to the extent of divorcing,” but in his confrontation with Yoon Hee, Dong Hoon says it himself. The question is not whether they should end their marriage, but how to end it. 

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Many have said “Dong Hoon’s not the kind of guy to divorce.” “No, not to the extent of divorcing,” but …

It wasn’t even something hidden, or an open ending, but I was so surprised to hear it on my own (surely it’s not just me) that it was as though Dong Hoon himself “made my stance clear through my lines.”


After Yoon Hee tells Dong Hoon, “I’ll go along with whatever you want”, he responds (this voiceover is played while he plays soccer the next morning):

“I’m not thinking of making it harder on you just to make it easier for myself to live.”

His first response to Yoon Hee’s words is clear and direct – “I’m not thinking of…”

It means that he’s already thought about divorcing her!

(In this scene, it seems that Dong Hoon is saying he’s not able to divorce because of the people around him. ‘To make it easier for myself” = to maintain the status quo with his family”)

“It’s just … from the time we meet till now, it’s been 20 years but … how this should end … from where should we try to tidy things up…that, I don’t know.

“It’s just” – at this point, Dong Hoon is not in the state to think of how to suddenly bring their twenty year relationship to a close, nor does he have a plan. It’s not the kind of relationship where you can just wake up one morning and end everything.

“If it was just you that didn’t know, I thought I could endure it, but now it’s become too tough. For you, and me.”

Dong Hoon’s condition was keeping the family together. If you didn’t know what I knew … it’s not a big deal. If I just sacrificed myself, everything would be fine…

But now, it’s gotten to this point.

And this was after he heard everything from Yoon Hee. He expresses his thoughts clearly to Yoon Hee.

Yoon Hee too, seems to understand Dong Hoon’s thoughts correctly at this point.

What’s left between the two of them now are deep scars and guilt, but they also bear no resentment towards each other.

Whoever is ready … to take the first step to end this long twenty years.

While taking care of Ji An, she seems to be considering how to bring her own issues to an end.

And now, she’s finally ready. When Dong Hoon asks “What should I buy?” she says for the second time, “Beer.” (The first time being when she confessed the affair. ‘Beer’ in Yoon Hee’s language means she wants to talk.)

Her body language and expression suggest that she’s calmer, and ready to talk.

For Dong Hoon, he was never torn over ‘whether or not to divorce’ (it was already a foregone conclusion), but over how to end their relationship.

From the ending it’s clear that they found an amicable end to their twenty years, without bitterness, where they are both able to smile and greet each other when they meet.

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4 thoughts on “Bringing our twenty years to an end”

  1. KYH and PDH still share a bed? The show never tells.* There is another room btn the bathroom and the maindoor (on the opposite side of the kitchen/laundry room). Yet, that door always closes and can’t tell if it’s another bedroom.

    * Although we have seen KYH resting on the bed in the master bedroom, after getting dumped by DJY.


    1. Good question – I’ve wondered this myself for many months! I do believe they share a bed. In Ep 1 at the 1hour:16minute mark, they show Dong Hoon waking up in bed thinking about the bribe. He’s on the right side of the bed (his left side). And you’re right, YH is shown in the master bedroom after getting dumped, on the left side of the bed (her right side). In Ep 11, when DH and YH are talking about him not spending as much time at Jung Hee’s bar, they’re both putting pillowcases on the pillows. And every time DH is just sitting on the bed (after fighting Kwang Il, after finding out about Ji An’s wiretapping), it’s the master bedroom. So I believe they’re sharing the bed. Which I can’t imagine doing, being that emotionally distant from each other! The room between the bathroom and the main door is Yoon Hee’s office if I understand the apt. layout correctly.


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