Drama Milk Live Recaps

Many thanks to V and O of Drama Milk for providing live recaps during My Ahjussi/ My Mister’s run and for allowing us now to republish their recaps on our site.  A whole lot of us parked ourselves at Drama Milk just before each episode aired, and their blog was truly a blessing to all who just could not wait a minute longer.

Even now when we have watched the  show in its entirety, we can still appreciate these live recaps for their unique take on the business of drama subtitling and commenting.  As V herself said about the nature of their recaps: Very raw translation….kind of a literal translation + feeling of what they are saying + some summations when either O’s head or my head just can’t really think of a good English explanation on the spot.

my-ajusshi-mister-live-recap-episode-1-drama-milk     Episode 1

my-ajusshi-mister-live-kdrama-recap-2-drama-milk     Episode 2

my-ajusshi-mister-live-recap-kdrama-3-drama-milk     Episode 3

my-ajusshi-iu-live-kdrama-recap-drama-milk-4     Episode 4

my-ajusshi-mister-live-recap-5-drama-milk     Episode 5

my-ajusshi-mister-live-kdrama-recap-6-drama-milk     Episode 6

my-ajusshi-live-recap-drama-milk-7     Episode 7

my-ajusshi-mister-live-recap-drama-milk-8     Episode 8

ajusshi-press5-drama-milk     Mid Show Press Conference

my-ajusshi-mister-live-recap-9-drama-milk     Episode 9

my-ajusshi-live-recap-10-drama-milk     Episode 10

my-ajussi-mister-live-recap-11-drama-milk     Episode 11

my-ajusshi-live-recap-12-drama-milk     Episode 12

my-ajusshi-13-live-recap-drama-milk     Episode 13

my-ajusshi-live-recap-drama-milk-14     Episode 14

my-ajusshi-drama-milk-live-recap-episode-15     Episode 15

my-ajusshi-live-recap-episode-16-final-drama-milk     Episode 16







5 thoughts on “Drama Milk Live Recaps”

  1. awesome! thanks sadiesmith, V and O. I remember all the excitement I had while waiting for the dramamilk’s live recap during the My Ajusshi’s airing, and of course how could I forget its heartwarming take for the final episode,,I too hope that DH and JA will continue their lives seeing each other, supporting each other, and since they’re away from public eyes, they might want to be together forever, *heart eyes* excuse my shipper heart here, haha..

    again, you guys, thanks a lot for your hard work, v.much appreciated 🙂

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  2. I love it so much! What a beautiful job! I also love that quote you grabbed to explain our recap style. I forgot I wrote that. It is perfect and I need to put that in our About section or explanation section or something. AHHHHH, this is bringing back so many feeeeeeels. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH.

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    1. V, you are so funny. Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you like the way we feature your recaps. You and O are really one of a kind.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey, I wanted to let you know, that you do an amazing job with all the in-depth analyses and posts. It really makes me relive the scenes again and understand the characters better 🙂
    I was wondering if you could write about Donghoon at the beggining of episode 11, right after he hit Jian. Those scenes with him, looking torn and tormented, made me wonder what he felt at that moment: guilt, regret? Was he considering texting or calling Jian, because we see him looking at his phone in indecisiveness? I’d love to hear someone else’s point of view!

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