Why Does Ajusshi Walk Faster?

Why does Dong Hoon frequently walk away from Ji An when the poor girl is already having a hard time keeping up with his longer strides? Soompi members speculate.


She asked if he was embarrassed of her, and it turned out he was just running after the bus. She is reading waaaay too much into every little thing he does. It’s very cute.


I think the bus is just an excuse of Dong Hoon.

Seems like Dong Hoon couldn’t face Ji An after he said what had happened in her past were no big deal and praised her name. He said, “You were given a great name,” then started to run.

Ajusshi was lucky the bus was there when he needed it the most.


One thing that caught my attention was the scene of them walking together on their way home. Dong Hoon had asked her why she hated Joon Young and she said it was because Dong Hoon hated Joon Young.

After she said that, you could clearly see how uncomfortable Dong Hoon was. He suddenly tries to hide behind the shield of detached professionalism by telling her to stop calling him Ahjussi but refer to him as Manager instead. Then he quickly walks away from her.

He does the same thing in Episode 10 after they had brought her grandmother to the assisted living facility after she had asked him about the meaning of his own name.

I think that made him suddenly realize that his relationship with her was really no longer as simple and straightforward as he thought it was. Not only had he just helped her get her grandmother settled in the nursing home, he even commits himself and his whole neighborhood in protecting her from Kwang Il. And he was already sharing intimate things about himself with her, because yes, you don’t really discuss the meaning of your name with just anyone. I mean, why would you? Such information has no relevance when dealing with strangers or acquaintances. And I think the fact that her grandmother spoke to him privately and essentially entrusted her granddaughter’s future to him, that’s already a clear indication that something’s going on between him and Ji An that’s so much more than mere kindness and concern between two human beings. And it’s starting to become obvious to other people around them.

What’s really funny is that at the beginning of episode 13, Ji An mentioned this behavior to Dong Hoon. And what does he do?

He walks faster than her again. There was a look of amusement in Ji An’s eyes that moment. I think she was thinking then “Gotcha, Park Dong Hoon”. They both knew how well she can read him.

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4 thoughts on “Why Does Ajusshi Walk Faster?”

  1. LOL a this. There’s someone at dramabeans who commented that whenever Dong Hoon breaks into a small run/walk faster and away from Ji An, it is him actually trying to run away from his true feelings that is fast catching up on him. The feel that when someone already hinted him the reality that he choose to run away from. He is such a dork.

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      1. There is a quote from one of my fave dramas “I Have A Lover”….”The subconscious mind always knows the person better. The conscious mind is always a step behind subconscious mind.”

        As in the case of DH, his subconscious mind which knows him better already knew the feeling way ahead of the conscious mind and with a pang of reality, that conscious mind finally catching up with the subconscious, that they finally on the same pace, agreeing on the same thing and DH doesn’t know what to do and his first response to it is to physically run away.

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