An extraordinarily ordinary Ahjussi


Japanese fans are so lucky. That is all.

We’ll try and post a translation of the interview once we get our hands on it!

Check out the original M-Net interview between Lee Seon Kyun and Lee Ji Eun here

Update: Read the Haruhana Magazine interview here


3 thoughts on “An extraordinarily ordinary Ahjussi”

  1. Awww. They are so cute together. When we don’t have skinship in the drama and now they are giving us THIS!

    This would not be possible coming from the morally upright human role model Park Dong Hoon so I am picturing that this is the “dating” photo of ajusshi and JA post the credit roll of episode 16 (perhaps after she treated him to a delicious meal?).

    And what I love even more is how distinctive the age gap is between these two. Unconventional, definitely not a leading man anyone could ever imagined for the youthful IU and yet LSK hands down beat any of IU’s previous leading men in term of chemistry with her. Their chemistry is a whole new level of phenomenal.

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    1. Mannn, after I saw this poster I realized that was the first time that we were able to see a skinship going on and I thought “I wanted to show this pic to anyone who said that their relationship was paternal or friendly” This pic its such an amusement to my eyes tho lol

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