[GIF] Knowing Looks (1/3)

Part 1 of this three-part GIF series focuses on the Ep 12 encounter between the “pair” and the Hoogye Gang. This scene is priceless for what is not said. ~ Commentary by @tiger457_stv from Soompi

Surprise encounter past midnight (last train at around 12 to 12:30 am). Jung Hee’s bar closing when they find the PAIR.

Friend: Are you finally here? We already closed shop.

Jung Hee and the Gang looking over the PAIR… What is going on?

Engineer: Uh.. this is an employee, we worked overtime so I’m walking her home.

Awkward moment… everyone bowing, Ji-an bowing and stepping backward, unsure of what to do.

Jung Hee: Annyeonghaseyo …. [Who is she?]

Jung Hee: I guess Dong Hoon works at a place with female employees too… [What are you doing with her past midnight?]

Others: Where does she live? Behind the school? That’s dangerous – you should walk her there.

Big Brother smiling knowingly: Go ahead, we’ll wait here.

Engineer readily nods in agreement.

Ji-an uncomfortable: It’s okay, I’ll go by myself.

Engineer: No, let’s go together. [Engineer starts walking, Jung Hee runs over to them.]

Jung Hee: I like long walks, we’ll walk together! … [I want to know more about her.]

Others: Yeah, let’s all go together.

PAIR with long faces, uncomfortable. Engineer slightly annoyed.

Jung Hee: Is that okay, huhuhhh?… [Do you have any reason we can’t go with you?]

PAIR: Uncomfortable silence… Engineer’s face gets longer.

Jung Hee: Let’s go!

Ji-an’s eyes dart back and forth toward Engineer, not sure what to do.

Jung Hee: I’m excited!

Big Brother: Ear to ear grin…. [Dongsaeng, you rascal, always saying you have nothing to do with the girl!]

Engineer‘s diversion: Where’s Ki Hoon?

Big Brother still smiling: He said he has plans….. [Did you have plans too before we caught you?]

Others: I hate supervisors, all of them are bad… Hey girl, you should avoid your supervisor… Run when you see him…

Ji-an uncomfortable.

Run when you see him? More like, run to him.

Big Brother: Dong Hoon isn’t so bad that people should avoid him!… [Yeah, I should know, and you should know too, girl.]

Others: All managers are crazy, isn’t that right? She said she’d go alone but this crazy manager overreacted…

Pair uncomfortable.

Big brother ear to ear grin[Yeah, dongsaeng, sure you have nothing to do with her so you insist on walking her home!]

Others: Hey Dong Hoon, you cheapskate, you should have paid for her taxi if you made her work overtime…

Engineer uncomfortable.

Jung Hee: Are taxis safe?

Others: Is HE safe?

Engineer uncomfortable.

Jung Hee: He’s safe.

Engineer annoyed: Stop that now. This is why she refused… [You are making her (and me) uncomfortable.]

Jung Hee: Dong Hoon is safe. Back then we visited temples for 15 days, staying together but NOTHING happened.

Engineer looks at the sky annoyed.

Jung Hee digs in: Don’t things usually happen between a man and woman boarding together? How is it possible nothing happened?

Engineer sighing with annoyance.

Jung Hee digs in some more: I’m still fascinated by that… and we were still young (20s) too.

Jung Hee goes back and annoys Engineer some more: Why did you go all over with me knowing where he stays?

Engineer avoids her by going to the other side of Ji-an: Why do you keep bringing this up?

Jung Hee then approaches the taciturn Ji-an who is trying to avoid these older people:  Aren’t you afraid of becoming old like us?

Ji-an calmly says: I’d rather get to your age fast, I bet life won’t be so hard.

Then the mood changes, they stop and look at her, realizing that this young girl is quite mature, and sad and has her own life struggle.

Big brother looks at Engineer as though to say, You know what she means, don’t you?

Silence as everyone thinks of their own hardship…

At the end, Jung Hee: Things were not that easy when we were young either… Silence.

Knowing Looks: part 2


12 thoughts on “[GIF] Knowing Looks (1/3)”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this posting. Thank you so much. There’s so many insights yet so very funny.

    What I find most funny is Sang Hoon’s reaction because he was the one whom was very keen for Dong Hoon to actually flirt with Ji An in the first place and when the pair was finally caught together, he gave that knowing look “See….I told you so, my little righteous brother” especially based on how vehement DH denied the possibility (though DH was not flirty but actually fallen for his temptation).

    Another bit that is so funny is that “subway ride and night walk” was actually THE FIRST TIME for DH and JA after their brief detachment over the love confession incident. When she avoided him all the way in episode 11, DH was so desperate to such extend that he had to beg her to reconcile and reinstate what they had before the full-blown revelation of her feelings. So, that subway ride was the first time they finally share private moment just between them and I am sure ajusshi was very looking forward to that intimate walk with JA.

    And then, all his anticipation (and excitement perhaps) was ruined by the Hoogye gang. The long face that he pulled was very telling of his annoyance (like telling “Gosh, you people are really ruining my plan to finally get my long-awaited midnight dating with my girl. You guys don’t know how hard I begged her to stay in my life.”). What more is that, how many times do DH actually get to have that midnight (and I mean midnight) walk with JA if not because of that overtime? And yet, the gang really destroyed that chance for him. LOL.

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    1. Hahaha. I definitely didn’t see it the first time, but on rewatching Jung Hee kinda pissed me (and clearly Dong Hoon) off for ruining their non-date.

      I actually think walking was their weeknightly thing (not just a seldom thingy). Plus non-dates at that divorcee friend’s bar. Ep 7 onwards. That’s what I got from (1) Dong Hoon purposely delaying going home in Ep 9 and then “coincidentally” finding Ji An to walk back with her, (2) His nightly landscaping surveys – he feels restless if he doesn’t see her for the night, (3) The never-before-heard audio files Kwang Il listens to in Ep 15/16, implying that DH & JA shared many intimate conversations, presumably at their regular bar.

      Totally agree about Sang Hoon’s discerning eyes. Part 2 will focus on Ki Hoon and Sang Hoon. 😉

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      1. Ya. I also agree that the “walk” is not a seldom thing between them. In fact, it’s like pre-agreed that they are to walk back home together. It’s only that DH elevated the “walk” to walking her to her doorstep after this episode (Heh. JA was right. What he said and did made her likes him even more).

        But this scene is really special because after a brief separation (of not being able to walk home together like they used to), this is the moment when she finally talk to him again and he finally have her back.

        I like your use of the term “nightly landscaping survey”. As you said, he needs to see her and have his personal time with her at least once before he goes back home. I am sure their interactions in the office were limited due to many watchful eyes and it’s only through the walks and their cafe dates that they could confide on personal level.

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  2. Jung Hee : Dong Hoon is safe.
    Jung Hee is safe from DH because one, he doesn’t prey on vulnerable women (the state JH must be in because Monk left her so suddenly). And two, DH doesn’t have feelings for JH besides friendly and brotherly.
    From the first time JH appeared on screen, I don’t feel any romance vibe between them, despite how beautiful and vibrant JH is, and their interactions are great.
    One of the reason I respect these actors (LSK and ONR in this case). They can build an amazing chemistry between DH and JH, but not romantic.
    “But, Ji An is also safe from him. He never do anything sleazy to her.”
    That’s because he had practiced self restraint most of his life. And he was used to sacrifice his wants for the sake of his family.
    Doesn’t mean he didn’t want to, though. (Those longing looks…)
    And, even though JA is physically safe from him, he’s dangerous to her emotionally. He bind her with his actions (buy me another slippers!).
    If, if JA didn’t go to Busan, there’s a high chance that they’ll be crossing the line.
    By that time, everybody knows about YH’s affair and YH agreed to do anything he wanted regarding their marriage.
    And, it seems he begins to come to terms with his feelings for JA (can’t stop staring at her in the funeral bus, his happy smile when he’s about to meet her at their restaurant).
    So yeah, Jung Hee and any other women are safe from PDH. But not you, Ji An 😉

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    1. This is beautiful.

      After reading your analysis, I find it funny that PD-nim shows us a “Safe” sign when only Dong-Hoon and Ji-An are in view at least two times – right after Ji An says “Thank you” in this Ep 12 scene and in Ep 10 when DH & JA are walking out of Halmeoni’s hospice.

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  3. I wish you or tiger457_stv had included Ajusshi’s nod right after Sang Hoon, with full of understanding, said, “Go ahead, we’ll wait here.” I can’t explain why that little nod is so amusing to me; it just is. But I’m sure you can think of an appropriate tag for it. 🙂

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  4. “Run when you see him? More like run to him.”
    Lmaooo. Ain’t that the truth.

    This entire post is hilarious.

    Also isn’t it interesting that Dong Hoon has always wanted someone that would get along with his friends/community. And now that Ji An has come along and he wants to be alone with her for two goddamn minutes Hoogye won’t stop making its claim on Ji An.

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