Lee Seon Kyun: “She’s My Lee Ji An.”

Haru Hana, a Japanese Hallyu magazine, recently featured a quiz-style interview with Lee Seon Kyun and IU, in which he described IU as “My Lee Ji An”…and more!

Photo Captions

IU: “There’s no reason she wouldn’t like Dong Hoon.” LSK: “Ji An’s like a young stray cat.” 

Lee Seon Kyun and IU interview, published in Haruhana Magazine Vol. 051, August 2018 

Translated by @justamom


Let’s get the scoop on the drama! Lee Seon Kyun and IU give us the inside story.

Q1: While on set, LSK/IU was always — (they were asked to fill in the blanks)

LSK on IU: She lived as Lee Ji An

IU on LSK: He was always laughing with others

LSK: Ji An is a very dark and heavy character. Because her character hardly speaks to anyone else or interacts with anybody, she cuts a very lonesome figure sitting at her desk (laughs). But as we did more and more takes IU livened up. She did method acting from the start, working really hard in order to completely become her character.

IU: Sunbae (respectful term for senior) was just like Dong Hoon.

LSK: I was noisy the whole time (laughs). Even though IU was all alone (laughs).

IU: He really behaved like the department head while we were filming the office scenes. It was unbelievable how the staff under him followed along with every word he said. Ji An is further away, and it was unbelievable, just like watching television hearing his distinctive laugh from a distance (laughs). I just kept hearing Sunbae‘s laughter.

Q2: Borrowing from the drama’s title, Lee Seon Kyun /IU is “My ….” (fill in the blanks)

LSK on IU: She’s my Lee Ji An.

IU on LSK: He’s my best partner.

LSK: I can’t imagine an IU that’s not Lee Ji An. I’m really grateful that she always behaved as Lee Ji An. She’s the real Lee Ji An.

IU: I really wanted to say this during the interview. Scenes that I thought would be difficult while reading the script, with Sunbae around it became completely natural acting it out. I really cried a lot during the container scene in Episode 15. After we finished filming I told Sunbae, I’m really thankful, and he said ‘thank you’ in return. This was just like Sunbae said, “an unbelievable moment where you just have to keep on acting”, I thought, and Sunbae’s reaction in that moment gave me the feeling that I really was in that world, it is something I will never forget.

LSK: The great thing about this team is not one person was thinking about his own interest. We all acted thinking of the other characters and so even uncomfortable scenes were filmed very smoothly, it was really satisfying.


Note: unfortunately we aren’t able to put up the magazine photos due to copyright issues, but we did our best to convey the story. If you live in Japan, please support print media and buy the magazine!

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