The Loo: Dong Hoon’s Go-to Place to Keep Himself From Crying

Dong Hoon’s place to cry/take a breather is the loo.  He seems to head straight to the bathroom to either cry OR to stop himself from breaking down. He’s never been shown to actually cry in the bathroom.….by @ccl82 and others

Dong Hoon in episode 6, the morning after discovering his wife’s affair, went straight to the loo to compose himself before facing his brothers and the soccer team.

Screenshot (225).png

Dong Hoon in episode 14 gets up and heads to the bathroom after almost choking on his own emotions over the fact that Ji An is now permanently out of his life.


The sign at the bottom says bathroom.

Dong Hoon in episode 16, after losing both Yoon Hee and Ji An:


Ki Hoon’s question for Dong Hoon in episode 13:

Screenshot (231).png

No, it’s not because he does not have a place to cry.  He is a man struggling through “a life sentence of earnestness”, yet he does not even allow himself to cry, and the pent up sadness and emotions are literally killing him.

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