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Hoogye-dong, the neighborhood in which the three ahjussi brothers are born and raised, is a fictional place created by screenwriter Park Hae Young exclusively for My Ahjussi. Although ‘it is said to exist at the “mouth” of Seoul’, some of the key locations in the drama series, such as Jung Hee’s bar and Sang Hoon and Ki Hoon’s cleaning company, are actually located outside Seoul city.

Note on this post’s organization from Marion & Mich KDL: We’ve used the South Korean administrative system to put the locations in order. So you’ll first have the city. For each city we divided everything by district (the -gu‘s in Korean) and then subdivided the districts by neighborhoods (the -dong‘s in Korean). For example, Jung Hee’s bar is located in Incheon’s Gong District and within that district, in the neighborhood Manseok. You should find this information in the “More info” link to each location.

[This post will be updated with new locations. Last update: Aug 24]


1) JONGNO-GU [종로구]

Sewoon Bridge [세운교] / Ipjeong-dong [입정동]

[Ep 14] Dong Hoon stands near this bridge, reflecting on all the times Ji An genuinely touched him… and heartbreakingly connects them to her wiretapping.

(More info here)

Naksan Park [낙산공원] / Dongsung-dong [동숭동]

[Ep 5] Ji An takes her grandmother outside in a stolen cart so that Halmeoni can see the Moon.

(More info here)

Sejong Center for the Performing Arts [세종문화회관]

[Ep 3] Ji An stands on the sidewalk outside this building for a long time, disappointed that Dong Hoon turned down her request for a meal.

(More info here)

2) JUNG-GU [중구]

Quote Black Coffee Roasters [쿼트블랙] / Supyo-dong [수표동]

[Ep 16] Dong Hoon and Ji An fatefully reunite at this cafe.

(More info here)

3) SEO-GU [서구]

Jamigung [자미궁] / Wondang-dong [원당동]

[Ep 15] Dong Hoon meets with Saman E&C’s President Jang at this traditional Korean restaurant to discuss various matters, including his resignation, Do Joon Young’s affair with his wife, and Ji An’s misconduct.

(More info here)

4) SEOCHO-GU [서초구]

Woodeok Building [우덕빌딩] / Jamwon-dong [잠원동]

The tall, white building is the exterior of Saman E&C, the engineering firm where Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An work for most of the series’ run.

(More info here)


Sinjeongnegeori Station / Sinjeong-dong [신정동]

Subway station # 4 is the fictional Hoogye stop where Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An get off on their way back from work.

(More info here)

6) YONGSAN-GU [용산구]

Ichon-ro 29-gil [이촌로29길] / Hangangno-dong [한강로동]

Several key events happen near these railway tracks in the Hoogye neighborhood – Dong Hoon’s near-suicide [Ep 5], Ji An’s confession [Ep 10] and the end of Ji An’s wiretapping [Ep 15], to mention a few.

(More info here)

Seogang Ggobdaegi [서강껍데기] / Hangangno-dong [한강로동]

[Ep 2] This is the barbecue restaurant where the three brothers go to drink – perhaps because Jung Hee is still not back in town. All the while Dong Hoon is teased about Lee Ji An.

(More info here)

Ssangdaepo Restaurant [쌍대포 본점] / Cheongpa-dong [청파동]

[Ep 6] Assistant Manager Kim is seen drinking here with his Team Three colleagues. Park Dong Hoon, their manager, interrupts with a phone call and sternly disciplines Kim: “Say that you’re sorry. 10 times. Right now.”

(More info here)

Hangang Bridge [한강대교] / Ichon-dong [이촌동]

[Ep 6] This is the bridge overlooking the Han River where Dong Hoon appears to contemplate suicide. Ji An gets worried when Dong Hoon lingers by the bridge for too long, and rushes over to check on him.

(More info here)


Dongho Bridge [동호대교] / Oksu-dong [옥수동]

This spectacular bridge also overlooks the Han River, and shows on several instances when Dong Hoon and Ji An take the subway train.

(More info here)

· · · · ·


1) DONG-GU [동구]

Jung-hee’s Bar [정희네] / Manseok-dong [만석동]

Named after the owner, Jung Hee herself, this is the bar where all the neighborhood ahjussis (+ Yura) unwind at the end of the day. Jung Hee lives above the bar by herself, but is later joined by Ji An for a short while.

(More info here)


Jeongsusa Temple [정수사]

This is the temple where Dong Hoon’s best friend Sang Won (a.k.a. Gyum Duk) lives as a monk.

(More info here)

· · · · ·



Kojubang [코주방] / Jeongbalsan-dong [정발산동]

This is the divorcee friend’s bar which becomes a sort of “sanctuary for Dong Hoon and Ji An, where they can eat, drink, talk, smile with no one to disturb them” ~ in @ccl82’s words.

(More info here)

· · · · ·

⋆ ICHEON [이천시] 

Sejong Building [세종빌딩] / Songjeong-dong [송정동]

Sang Hoon and Ki Hoon’s cleaning office, Brothers’ Cleaning Company, is located here. According to Korean Dramaland, the “interior was also filmed in the same unit, and not on a set.”

(More info here)

View all these locations on this interactive map here!

Many, many thanks to Korean Dramaland for allowing us to use the information on their site. ❤

Additional reference: Visit Seoul


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  1. I love how you described each location – it reminds me of how Japanese sim games describe the fictional world their in. It keeps my curiousity high and makes me want to visit the filming locations lol

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