[GIF] Knowing Looks (2/3)

Part 2 focuses on the id and superego to Dong Hoon’s ego – Ki Hoon and Sang Hoon. From the beginning, they could sense that their brother was different around this strange girl, Lee Ji An. Much more alive. Much more involved. Doing things he’s never done before. Even though they don’t spell it out, their looks reveal that they know how much Ji An means to Dong Hoon. And they’re willing to support their brother through everything, including his relationship with Ji An.

First off: What makes Dong Hoon, Dong Hoon?

According to his brothers, Dong Hoon is so shy around women that he doesn’t even look back to acknowledge Yura when she congratulates him.

And, as one of the Saman E&C directors describe Dong Hoon, he is someone who never even has “a cup of coffee alone with a female employee”. So Do Joon Young correctly assesses that if Dong Hoon chooses to eat and drink with a woman alone, night after night, it is a big deal. And his brothers know that very well.

Park Dong Hoon alone with a woman? At night?

Ki Hoon mouths, Who’s that?

Yeah right, Dong Hoon. We’re not buying that.

Park Dong Hoon noticing a woman? AND making conversation with her?

Girl, you’ve got our attention.

Park Dong Hoon saying Thank You to someone who helps him breathe = A confession

Ki Hoon notices that Dong Hoon gets a text from Lee Ji An, but gives him some space.

Ki Hoon only speaks up when Dong Hoon doesn’t text her “Thanks”, but strangely says it aloud. What’s the big deal about a simple text message anyway?

Thing is, Ahjussi doesn’t think of it as just a thank you, but as a confession. And he wasn’t ready to confess to her (or himself) at this point.

Still, Ki Hoon thinks Dong Hoon is “allowed to do that much”. He recognizes how involved his brother has gotten with this woman, and how much she means to him (“She helps me breathe.”)… but doesn’t consider this inappropriate.

And so, after a little push from Ki Hoon, Dong Hoon really confesses… to himself (or so he thinks).

Something is off… could it be because of her?

The next morning, when Dong Hoon calls out of the blue, Ki Hoon senses something is really off with him.

Uh oh, you did not bring her up!

Ki Hoon and Sang Hoon add two and two, considering Dong Hoon’s uncharacteristic call that morning. She must be the reason you’re so down.

Thanks for spelling it out. -_-

When Dong Hoon looks like he’s approaching breaking point, Sang Hoon diverts the conversation away from Lee Ji An by making a toast, and even hugs Mr. Non-hugger Dong Hoon to show his support.

Hang in there, mate!

Once outside, Dong Hoon does his nightly landscaping survey, almost habitually. Sang Hoon’s head drops when Lee Ji An comes up yet again. Dong Hoon smiles his Mark Darcy smile. Ki Hoon is so frustrated by Park Dong Hoon holding it all in that he goes for a smoke on his behalf.

She’s back?! Hold up, we gotta let Dong Hoon know ASAP!

Sang Hoon checking out Dong Hoon’s consort

See you again? More like, See you every-day-from-now-on (with Dong Hoon)!

After the whole gang drinks with the 30,000 year-old Ji An, Sang Hoon senses that he’ll be seeing her a lot from now on. Saying “See you again” to Ji An is underdoing it, he thinks… and Dong Hoon doesn’t even protest.

He brought her up? To Omma?!

It’s not pity, but love.


12 thoughts on “[GIF] Knowing Looks (2/3)”

  1. Love, love, love!!! I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry every time these brothers come up together on screen. Their interplay just feels so genuinely heartfelt and nuanced. And while this entry focuses on them, we can also see Yoon Hee’s knowing looks at the bar when JA’s name is mentioned. What a great post!

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  2. Love this. One thing I noticed about Dong Hoon is how drawn he is towards Ji An. As mentioned by one of Saman’s directors, he would never even have a coffee alone with a female employee yet when JA first approached him to buy her meal (and this was way before she started blackmailing him for disposing the bribed money), he simply obliged, he couldn’t bring himself to say no to her. When she dragged him for a drink at the bar after their first meal together, again, he obliged. In fact, from the very beginning, it was so hard for him to reject her advance in any way. As far as I remember, the only time he ever denied her request was in episode 9 (when he was clouded by her pasts as told by Kwang Il’s friend) and the hug (which is more on his own personal battle). My conclusion is from the beginning, DH already felt differently towards JA, that is why he got out of his normal ways (as perceived by others) when comes to JA.

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  3. Guys, I have an unrelated question: Do you think Joon-young was in love with Yoon-hee? I was thinking about it while watching his interactions with her after she broke up with him and he still seems kinda soft around her… So was there more than just physical attraction to it?

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    1. Well, in college he was really in love with her, even joining club just because she was in it. So it won’t surprise me if some of that affection lingers throughout their affair and maybe even after the breakup.

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  4. Knowing looks from the brothers but not shown : when PDH staring at LJA in the funeral bus.
    I imagine they elbowing each other or doing some secret codes before Ki Hoon gave PDH the dark glasses 😁.

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