Caution: Electricity – Dong Hoon Gets Shocked

First part from The Last Ship. I Swear

Can you hate me?

She is the one trying to keep her distance.  She won’t answer his questions, keeping things “professional”, dictating and directing their interactions, limiting them to what she needs them to be in order to do the job she is being paid to do. But he keeps trying to talk to her, to get to know her from behind the electric barb wire fence she has surrounded herself with (caution: electricity).  And every time the electric shock throws him back, he gets back up again, stares at her with his sad eyes, apologizes… and walks right back to the damn fence. And he keeps talking.  He keeps telling her about himself, with or without the wiretap – can’t he just keep to what she needs to hear to destroy him? She doesn’t want to know the rest, because why would she? Why should she care about this pathetic man who has or can have everything but persists in being miserable? She despises the likes of him, more than she despises the likes of his slimy boss. That one she can at least understand, that one she can work with. But this jelly-soft loser, what is his deal?  Why can’t he be a bastard like everyone else? Why does he keep being nice to her? Why does he keep trying to lull her into forgetting how much of a stinking dumpster this world is?

Eventually he does figure it out and refuses to play her game anymore.  That’s when she decides to increase the intensity by throwing herself at him and test his will.

She is a Taser that stuns him,
a “crazy bitch” who sends a severe shock to his system,
and a person he misses so much that her goodbye zaps all the strength from his legs.

According to this article by EMS1 there are three stages of shock:

Stage I: … the patient in this stage of shock has very few symptoms, and aggressive treatment may slow progression.
Dong Hoon is stunned momentarily when she kisses him, but he eventually recovers and even walks right back towards her.

Stage II: … the patient to become confused and disoriented
Her aggressive coming-from-nowhere confession catches him completely off-guard and triggers him in a way he never thought possible.  But in typical Dong Hoon’s fashion, he finds a way to excuse and explain everything.

Stage III: … The heart’s functioning continues to spiral downward, and the kidneys usually shut down completely. Cells in organs and tissues throughout the body are injured and dying. The endpoint of Stage III shock is patient death.
But here comes the twist!  Ironically, by the time they reached this point in their relationship, far from killing him, her very presence and unpredictable jolts have in fact been the things that kept him alive, kept his heart beating.  She’s helped him breathe!  Can he survive now that she’s gone?


4 thoughts on “Caution: Electricity – Dong Hoon Gets Shocked”

  1. So creative! It’s a mystery how so many of these essays line up so well with things as diverse as medical phenomena, Danish concepts of happiness, Buddhist / philosophical thought, musical cues, traffic signals and more…

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    The ending/cafe scene:
    1. LJA had an odd hand gesture (like an electrical shock), at the moment PDH turned around and LJA saw his face.
    2. A movement of her thumb right before their conversation started. Read… nervous?
    3. The moment before the handshake (and before coworkers told her to go), LJA looked up noticing PDH’s emotional gaze and then her smile halted (very briefly,… astonished?).

    (Micro expressions/movements easily overlooked.)


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