My Mister Locations : Dongho Bridge (Part 2/5)

The magnificent Dongho Bridge comes to scene several times in My Ajusshi, but the carefully orchestrated events leading up to its appearance at the end of episode 2 would lead one to think there might be a story to tell. Turns out it is used to signal the beautiful relationship that is about to form between Lee Ji An and Park Dong Hoon. 

Near the end of episode 2, Ji An asks Dong Hoon to buy her an expensive meal. He  quickly acquiesces, thinking that he owes her for saving his reputation by taking and throwing away his bribe money. After their silent meal they take the subway line 3 home, sitting next to each other with a small open space between them.

Emotions are stirring inside him as he struggles to find a way to express his gratitude. She, meanwhile, is recalling the details of her ploy with Do Joon Young take him down.

They move inside the tunnel, depressed and dark, as if mirroring the ugly secret she is keeping underneath her cool exterior.

After a time, they come above ground, and we see two roads going in opposite directions, their train emerging from between. They couldn’t be any more disconnected from each other. He is full of gratitude, she is hell bent on destroying him.

He finally gathers up enough courage and quietly thanks her.

Another shot from above: this time we see two roads merging into one, a sharp contrast from the previous scene. Things are changing.

And finally, their train enters the breathtaking Dongho Bridge that stretches long, all golden and shimmery against the dark backdrop of the sky above and the river below. Their relationship is about to turn into something as beautiful as a precious jewel.

At his simple yet seemingly genuine gesture, Ji An gives a little smirk, as if not believing, but wanting to believe in his sincerity.

She may not have known it yet, but her heart was touched for the very first time that night; a feeling that stays with her even as they continue traveling down the length of this sparkling jewel at night.

Screenshot (428)

This sequence of events is accompanied by the soundtrack Adult by Sondia.  The theme song starts playing during their meal and reaches the chorus only after Dong Hoon says his thanks.  The last line

On what day, at which time, at which place will my small world smile at me? …

I believe right there and then, as they enter the Dongho Bridge, Ji An’s world is finally beginning to smile at her.

Note: Not coincidentally, the bridge and train make their very first appearance twenty minutes into the first episode, revealing the following scene inside.  Dong Hoon is half sleeping in the subway when he notices two bare ankles across the aisle.  As his gaze goes up to the hair at the back of the ankles’ owner’s head, he gets extremely curious and eager to have a better look.  This intrigue continues even after she walks away from Hoogye Station.

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