Ki Hoon – Mouthpiece for Dong Hoon

The only way the writer can reveal Dong Hoon’s feelings for Ji An is through a third party. If he says it out loud, he loses his integrity, and everything goes downhill. He is a married man. Remember, everything he says is being recorded. For example, if Kwang Il had heard words of love between them, he would never have trusted Dong Hoon with those recordings, and Ji An would have gone to jail. ~by Fauna

by @popai5

Ki Hoon really is a someone who speaks or acts for Dong Hoon before Dong Hoon even realizes what he needs to say or do. For example, Ki Hoon wants to beat up the guy Yoon Hee is cheating with, then later Dong Hoon does beat up Joon Young in the parking lot. Ki Hoon wants Dong Hoon to grieve and cry, and later Dong Hoon does have a big cry. Ki Hoon tells Dong Hoon to say thank you to Ji An in response to her text. Dong Hoon, later at the janitor’s room, hospital, and restaurant says a more heartfelt thank you and basically confesses his feelings for her.

Source article from DC Inside My Mister Gallery

translation by @rellea

The drama is over, but there was still one scene I was curious about: the driving scene with Yura and Ki Hoon.

Was the reason for Dong Hoon’s sadness really Yoon Hee’s unfaithfulness?

Two days after the results for the directorial position and the party at Jung Hee’s, we have the driving scene with Yoora and Ki Hoon.

“Don’t laugh. Our hyung is sad.”
“Why is he sad?”
“When that guy is sad, he’s really sad.
“Today, in order to join his sorrow, I have to break up with you.”

*note: the phrase “join his sorrow” has the connotation of feeling the same sorrow/pain as the person in question.

Might the fact he says that he needs to break up with Yura to join Dong Hoon’s sorrow mean that Dong Hoon broke up with someone (also read as separated with)? Here, he says that in order to join Dong Hoon’s sorrow, he must not kiss Yoora, so is the cause of Dong Hoon’s sadness really divorce? That’s a little strange.

It seems like the pain Ki Hoon says he will take part in (share with Dong Hoon) is not the pain of the brothers’ discovery about Yoon Hee’s affair, but because of Ji An’s departure.

We can be certain of this by re-examining episode 14.

Jung Hee says, “The one she doesn’t hate isn’t you guys; the one she doesn’t hate is our Dong Hoon.”

Yoon Hee, Dong Hoon, Ki Hoon, Sang Hoon’s faces all stiffen knowingly.

And although right after the talk of Ji An leaving, they all shout “Hoogye!” and excitedly clink glasses, Dong Hoon’s expression is that of a man who has lost everything. On the happy day that he was made a director, Dong Hoon is sad. Just as Ki Hoon told Yura, like Pavlov’s conditional reflex, when Dong Hoon is sad Ki Hoon also becomes sad.

They send their mother off, and Jae Chul suddenly asks, “Why did that girl quit?”

Dong Hoon goes inside without answering, but Ki Hoon, upset, puts out his cigarette.

Let us go back to the car scene from episode 15.

Ki Hoon takes Yura home and returns to his house. Sang Hoon is outside. Ki Hoon suddenly takes out a cigarette and holds it. Sang Hoon asks again, “Why did that girl quit?” It must have been bothering Sang Hoon as well.

“I don’t know! Since when does that guy ever give a proper answer!” Ki Hoon answers agitatedly.  (voicing Dong Hoon’s internal anguish)

Ki Hoon may have known since long ago how Dong Hoon felt about Ji An.

When Dong Hoon received a message from Ji An, Ki Hoon had encouraged him, “Send her a reply/contact her.”

In the last episode, he asks Dong Hoon whether he is still in contact with Ji An and wonders in frustration, “Why doesn’t she contact you!!?” (DH: Why doesn’t she contact me!!?)  I don’t think this scene was put in without reason.

Ki Hoon knows at once when his brother is in pain. He is also the first one to find out about Yoon Hee’s affair.

Ki Hoon already knows that Dong Hoon and Ji An have become essential existences to one another.

@h2ogirl wrote an excellent post that perfectly illustrates the full extent of Sang Hoon and Ki Hoon’s understanding of Dong Hoon’s feelings for Ji An: Knowing Looks (part 2/3).



5 thoughts on “Ki Hoon – Mouthpiece for Dong Hoon”

  1. I realised that Ki Hoon was Dong Hoon’s inner when they fight in the parking lot (he was trying to make Dong Hoon mad and expose his feelings) and at the restaurant. I was so mad at Sang Hoon because Ki Hoon was trying to make Dong Hoon create some courage (to divorce and cry) and Sang Hoon was just: forgive her and live your life u_u I mean, I like and pity Sang Hoon very much, but at that scene he was only looking at his failures and he couldn’t see (or he just didn’t want to see) that his brother was almost exploding from frustration.

    Btw, this couch scene is heartbreaking. </3 Ki Hoon understands Dong Hoon without a word.

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    1. I think Sang Hoon also, in a way, is speaking Dong Hoon’s mind when he blames himself for the unraveling of this marriage. Surely, Dong Hoon has asked himself countless times if his shortcomings had driven his wife to his enemy’s arms.

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      1. Oh it’s a different pov and I like it 🙂 thanks for making me realise. But I think that his negativity is stronger than his positivity… that’s why I think that in a way, he would listen to Sang Hoon better.


  2. Further to the YR/PKH car scene mentioned above: YR spells out that PKH loves his brother. PKH denies right away. Only after that when he’s alone he admits to himself he loves PDH. (A mirror of PDH’s denial).


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