My Ajusshi Timeline

By @riazni, @h2ogirl, @sadiesmith

By collecting clues from episodes 1-16 and using our general knowledge of seasons in Korea: Spring (March-May), Summer (June-Aug), Autumn (September-November), Winter (December-February), we present this timeline.

Our understanding is that, in general, the drama covers one year and four months, starting from January 2018 all the way to the first quarter of 2019.

January 2018: episodes 1-6

Winter is still apparent, with snow and all.  In episode 1 Dong Hoon and his team cannot get their drone to work because of the extreme cold.  In episodes 2-3 Dong Hoon commented how Ji An is “underdressed for winter” and how cold it must be to wear very short socks.

February 2018: episode 7 and 8

Ji An gets her February paycheck and prepares paperwork for grandma’s transfer.

It’s still winter, but soon over, means it’s still February.  Ji An and Dong Hoon walk home together after their first smile over beer drinking. Ji An tells Dong Hoon how she hates winter, but Dong Hoon said that it will be spring soon.

Late February – Early March 2018 (winter soon over): episodes 9-13

Dong Hoon wears lighter winter jacket when they take grandma to the elderly assisted living facilities.  In episode 12, Ji An runs with the Team Three from work to catch the last subway.  She is surviving with a t-shirt and jacket, same with Dong Hoon who only wears a trench coat on the outside, no more thick wool coat, and no more winter scarf.

In episode 13 the weather is no longer that cold. Walking home together, Ji An half-teases Dong Hoon for going slowly now when they walk together, and Dong Hoon says that it’s because the weather is no longer cold.

Late March 2018: episode 14 and 15

Ji An leaves Hoogye, standing on the street with cherry blossoms above. This is early spring, around late March to early April, when Seoul sees the blossoms in full bloom.

Screenshot (790)

In cold sweat, Do Joon Young signs the official document promoting Park Dong Hoon to director’s position, March 20.

Late March-April 2018: episode 16

Halmeoni eats choco pie with Ji An, cherry blossoms fall sparsely, it’s full-fledged spring, the end of March.  Halmeoni dies on April 10, per note on her urn vase.

End of April 2018: episode 16

In Jung Hee’s room, Ji An says to Jung Hee that she needs to go away from Hoogye because Dong Hoon couldn’t come to the bar while Ji An is still there. The calendar shows April (the middle month 4).

It could be the end of April or early May when Ji An leaves for Busan, and they have their farewell hug.  Jung Hee is wearing a floral dress.

June-July 2018: episode 16

After the farewell hug, it rains in Omma’s house.

According to Wikipedia, Korea receives its monsoon rains between June-September, but it’s most likely to rain between June-July, while it’s still summertime. It’s still early summer when it rains in Omma’s House.

July / August 2018 to February 2019

Summer to autumn to late winter 2018, then back to spring 2019, the weather is shown through Ki Hoon’s windows during his heartbreak and break-up phone call moments with Yura.

April / May 2019 (definitely spring)

Dong Hoon is thriving as a CEO of his own company; Ji An is transferred to headquarter and presents report from the previous two quarters to her supervisor.  They must be in Q1.

Ji An and Dong Hoon are reunited. Ji An says that she was transferred to Seoul last March, so that scene is taking place after March.  But it should be fitting of a second spring in Dong Hoon’s life, hence it is still spring, April or May 2019.

Also, IU TV really convinces us that it is indeed a one-year time skip. Ji An is 21 for the majority of the show, and is shown to be 22 at the cafe scene.



17 thoughts on “My Ajusshi Timeline”

  1. Sadie-aaaah~

    I notice that you took out a certain troublesome screencap, haha. Makes me wonder how long Dong Hoon avoided Ji An / Jung Hee’s bar though. Probably the entirety of April (when she was rooming with Jung Hee)?

    It must have broken Dong Hoon’s heart to see her so broken after they hadn’t seen each other in a while. He was sooo attentive towards her at the morgue, at the funeral, on the bus, and during the funeral procession… My heart melted into a pile of goo when he told her “Go back inside” (on the stairs) in a super deep voice… just like the super deep voice he used to tell her, “Take medicine if you’re sick.” He cares for her sooo much!

    A bit off-topic: Even after the wiretap issue is resolved (remember how we had feared it to be the biggest wedge in their relationship?), they were in a sort of denial in Ep 16 (pre-time skip). He was avoiding bumping into her in front of friends and family, and she was avoiding contacting him.

    I’m so glad Dong Hoon, and not Ji An, put an end to the denial at the end. As I read somewhere, “If someone wants to be a part of your life, they’ll make an effort to be in it.” 😉

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    1. The off-topic part got me thinking:
      In the investigation, did LJA confessed that the attempted kiss and the confession were just a ploy to trap PDH? How did PDH feel about that? Did they ever get the chance to talk about it before she went to Busan? If they haven’t, no wonder LJA seemed a bit wary and guarded when they meet again, and only gained confidence after PDH initiated the handshake.
      In any case, PDH is very forgiving towards LJA…

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Let’s assume PDH got a chance to hear everything, shall we? Which means he heard the exchange between Do Joon Young and Ji An about his eating and drinking with a woman. Someone said because of this he looked rather embarrassed when Ji An offered to buy him a meal. He knew she would interpret his yes as an admission that he liked her.

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    2. The director already established multiple times that it’s a big deal when Dong Hoon didn’t show up at the bar for even a day. So two weeks, or even one week for that matter, of no-shows must have seemed suuuper strange, even awkward, to many people there. And what about DH? Did he force himself to stay home with his wife all that time? Or visit his bar friend? Like you, I think he avoided her for the entire April.

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      1. About the drinking and eating with a woman scene: but how PDH would know if he wasn’t there? Her phone wouldn’t tap herself, you know? She is tapping his phone, not hers… so this conversation between DJY and LJA wouldn’t be recorded… I’m confused lol


      2. “And what about DH? Did he force himself to stay home with his wife all that time?”

        Nooooo, must be very awkward and uncomfortable… poor Dong Hoon-a 😢

        I’d rather think he spend his time with bar hyung, where they can rant and talk trash about cheating wives 😀
        Or, just stay late at the office and use his Director position as an excuse to not hang out at Jung Hee’s..

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  2. Thanks a lot for the post!
    And like @h2ogirl said, those are some troublesome screencap 😅
    I didn’t notice those details in the papers while watching MA… Thanks again…

    And, may I also mention the full moon?
    It was full moon in episode 5, when LJA took Grandma to see the moon and PDH helped her (first time Dear Moon was played in MA, and I was falling in love at the first hearing with the song).
    And it’s also full moon when PDH confronted Kwang Il about LJA’s debt (ending ep 9/beginning ep 10) but we see the full moon at episode 10.
    Meaning there was a whole month between ep 5 (mid January) and ep 10 (mid February).
    I think it’s amazing that in just a month PDH went from wary to became a defender to LJA. LJA may have the benefit of the phone bug, but PDH depended only on what he saw, heard and his instinct…

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    1. Great observation!! But it did make me nervous for a second because I’m not sure the director actually thought about its implication by inserting the moon in the fight scene. So glad it didn’t mess out this timeline 🙂

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      1. So…
        There’s also a full moon in Episode 1, when LJA rescue/kidnap Grandma from the facility…
        We now have three full moon (episode 1, 5, and 10)…
        If episode 1 happened in mid January and ep 5 in mid February, that means ep 10 happened in mid March… Which kind of did not match the timeline.
        Because PDH became director in ep 14 and promotion document was dated March 20, so it’s unlikely only 5 days past since ep 10…
        The full moon does seem to mess out the timeline 😂…

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  3. Great timeline, thanks!

    During a re-watch I noticed that in episode 1, when they’re out with the drone, the sign on the ground by the table says January 15. So that definitely puts the beginning of the drama firmly in January.

    The first time I watched the drama, though, I noticed that in Episode 4 at the 1 hour 10 minute mark, “Merry Christmas” lights and a tree are in the window behind Dong Hoon as he doubles over in the street. So at first I’d thought the drama began before Christmastime. Now, though, if episode 1 takes place in January, and around Jan 15 no less, it seems strange that even in episode 4 the streets would have Christmas stuff up? Or do they celebrate Christmas for a longer time in S Korea?

    The full moons do seem to be interestingly spaced out, though…not sure if they line up or not.

    Anyway, I’m coming to all of this discussion so late….but it’s fun to jump in! 🙂


  4. I think the drama may suggest that there was more than a 1 year time lapse. The Viki/Rakuten subtitles suggest Dong-Hoon told the person he was having coffee with that his son was 14 years old American (so 15 Korean). TVN’s initial blurbs about each character suggested that the son originally was 12 (Korean?). So that might suggest a 2 or 3 year time lapse. Also, a 1 year time lapse seemed too short for Dong Hoon’s business to have been started and doing as well as it appeared to have been. I think 3 years would have been too long as I don’t believe Yura’s movie would have taken more than 2 years to release.

    Just thoughts.

    Thank you for developing and maintaining this wonderful website. I think a significant part of this drama’s charm is that things are not obvious and often not noticed at first watching. So it is great there is a website like this with astute observations and interpretations.

    Thank you!


    1. Thank you. We went back and forth with the timeline. One thing for sure is LJA is 21 when they meet again, which to me, suggests a shorter separation.


      1. Thanks for posting what I previously sent. Do not post this.

        The text of the timeline mentions that IU TV said she was 22 years old when they met again. You may want to correct this in your reply to me.

        The script stating the son is 14 years old American is hard to put together with everything else and must have been very deliberate by the writers. Hopefully the age listed on IU TV wasn’t just someone’s assumption.

        Oh well, it’s fiction…


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