My Mister at the 2018 APAN Stars Awards

The awards season is finally upon us and although our show faced some very tough competition, it managed to win in some key categories.

Best Director: Kim Won Suk
Top Excellence Actress: Lee Ji Eun (IU)
Best Supporting Actor: Park Ho San
Best New Actor: Jang Ki Young


Drama of the Year: My Mister (lost to Mr. Sunshine)
Best Writer: Park Hae Young (lost to Life ‘s screenwriter)
Daesang (Grand Prize): Lee Seon Kyun (lost to Lee Byung Hyun)

Congratulations to all the winners!!  There was some concern that this show would be completely overlooked by the awards giving bodies because of the age-gap controversies, so this is a nice surprise.  That said, I was very very disappointed with the three losses.

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5 thoughts on “My Mister at the 2018 APAN Stars Awards”

  1. The 3 losses:
    I disagree with who won the Daesang and the Drama of the Year. Mr.Sunshine imo is good as well as the actor, but never had that huge impact on me, I think it dragged at some points… anyways. So I was mad lmao but what can I do.
    And the Best Writer, I’m sad bc ofc I wanted My MIster to win, but I think LIFE’s writer is the one that I can be fine seeing Park Hae Young loose.

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    1. Mr. Sunshine had the advantage of having just finished its run so close to the awards, so it’s fresh in everybody’s mind. It had a big, epic ending, but draaaaggggy beginning and middle.

      Did you see Life? Is it really so tightly written that it should beat out PHY? From what I heard, the quality is not as good as the writer’s previous work Secret Forest.

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      1. I have to agree with you… like, Mother, an awesome drama but almost 100% forgotten by now.
        I also agree with the epic ending, but I was so mad with Eugene’s death, the way they portrayed it… especially bc I think that he had a huge chance to survive… and I think the writer put all that romantic scenes between him and Ae Shin to lead us to nowhere… imo, in war time can happen 2 things: or a person live by your ideals and only for them with no love, or if you find love you can risk it all. But both happened, so I was very confused, maybe the writer as well. I think that she wanted to give us a sad ending, but at the same time to please the romance seekers. And I was so disappointed because the first teaser that I saw, I thought that was going to be a drama in a crazy war time and they trying to live an epic love… more like Ae-shin’s parents.
        So yeah, they dragged a loooot to then kill everyone in 3-4 episodes.

        Yes and I was very hooked while watching Life. I think the writer’s purpose was very well accomplished, but I know that not everyone liked it. But yes, Secret Forest is a more fast paced drama with a more “well crafted” script than Life.
        I have to agree, as I said, I wanted My Mister to win (especially because I think the script and everything is better), but My Mister had low chances, so I prefer Life’s writer among everyone else (like Mr.Sunshine for exemple), because I know her potencial. By that, doesn’t mean that I think that she should win, over Park Hae Young, bc she don’t.

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