Fan Song: Ji An and Dong Hoon

by @popai

Here is my musical version of the relationship between Ji An and Dong Hoon. Done in four parts, it’s written with the idea of the traffic signals in mind. Sorry for my strange sense of humor.

JA = Ji An thinking, conversing, singing
DH = Dong Hoon trying to do the same.

Part 1 – Signals flash yellow: Caution.

JA –  It costs to be nice. To be cold there is no price.
DH – It takes effort to try. Won’t back-stab and lie.
JA –  Make some easy money. This loser doesn’t care.
Interest payments don’t stop. Life just isn’t fair.
DH – Under-dressed for winter. Takes the coffee too.
But she made the chaos stop. Why, I have no clue.
JA – Have no shame. Not to blame. I’m just here to eat.
DH – Stuffs her face. Has no grace. I’m just here to treat.
JA – Spying on the sadness. Hearing that mesmerizing voice.
Feelings begin, but they must stop. There is no other choice.
DH – My interest has been piqued but I know what I must do.
Block these thoughts like a crossing guard although it feels brand new.
JA – There is no confusion. The signals are so clear.
My heart is pounding frantically when that voice I hear.

JA and DH – We are living in the wrong time. In the wrong place. The yellow lights of caution slows our pace.

Part 2: Signals flash a faster yellow, about to turn red.

JA – Attempted a kiss. Didn’t miss. The reaction was disgust
DH – That’s so bold. It must be told. It only fosters mistrust.
JA – He fights to protect his family.
DH – She’s responsible for her family.
JA – Is he like me?
DH – She is better than me.
JA – He called me a good person, but to us he was so nice.
DH – She is a good person, but has lived paying such a price.
DH – Is she like me?
JA – Can he like me?
JA – The slippers were a mistake. They surely won’t be worn.
DH – Buy me another pair. Without them I am torn.
JA – My heart aches when you are hurting; when you look so down.
Must tell you hang in there. Fighting! Please remove that frown.
JA – He fights for me.
DH – She speaks for me.
JA – He hurts so bad.
DH – She is so sad.

JA and DH – We are living in the wrong time. In the wrong place. The yellow lights of caution slows our pace.

Part 3: Signals flash red slowly.

JA – It’s me. I had to call from this booth that is so small.
DH – It’s me? Is that all? Did you think we’re all having a ball?
JA – It is best that I’m not around. I have a job. I am fine.
DH – I hear you but can’t make a sound. I mustn’t cross any line.
JA – I must hide alone but I really miss his voice.
DH – She tapped my phone but she had no other choice.
DH – You don’t have to flee. Please Ji An. Call meeee.
JA – He found out what I did. Have to run away.
He must have blown his lid. Can’t be caught today.
DH – Where the heck did you go? Why do I run so slow?
JA – You’re a fool. That’s what you get.
DH – You’re a jewel. There’s no need to fret.
JA – I did wrong. I listened in.
DH – You protected me. There is no sin.
JA – I missed his voice.
DH – She had no choice.

JA and DH – We are living in the wrong time. We must stop when we hear the wind chime.

Part 3: The signal stays red, but after red, the signal turns green.

JA – You told me to call. Grandma has died.
DH – You turn then fall. You loved and cried.
JA – Don’t want to be sappy but grandma would be so happy.
DH – Flowers more than a few. It’s all thanks to my brother.
JA – I’m thankful more to you. More than any other.
JA – I have to leave.  I will miss the bar.
DH – I can’t believe. Why go so far?
JA – I’m so sorry.
DH – No need to worry.
JA – For you to be happy is my wish.
DH – Live up to your name you must accomplish.
JA – Before I go can I have a hug?
DH – Embracing so. My heart does so tug.
DH – He asks how is she doing? Is she alright?
I answer, why would she call me? Do you want to fight?
There is no news to tell. But chairman says she is well.
JA – Back in Seoul. That was the goal.
DH – No longer low. Now a CEO!
JA – I hear his voice. I have no choice.
It’s been awhile but I see that smile.
DH – There is that face in this curious place.
Missed her so. Thus my smile does grow.
JA – Back in the city. No need for pity.
DH – Back in the city. I feel so giddy.
JA – Gotta run. Will call you soon for a meal.
DH – Let’s shake hands now to seal the deal.
JA – He holds my hand so tightly. He is smiling so brightly.
DH – She confidently said she’ll call me again.
A clear signal that our new life will begin!

JA and DH – We are living in the right time. In the right place.
We’ll stroll the green gardens at our own pace.
Walking hand in hand, the curtain comes down.

How are our readers doing? It has been a while and life gets in the way, but I still think about My Ajusshi a lot. Hope you are all enjoying the new shows.


2 thoughts on “Fan Song: Ji An and Dong Hoon”

  1. Me too its like My Ahjussi became my light in life. When im down I always rewatch My Mister because it is saved in my phone and yes I love this drama so much until now. So much love to this fanbase which rly helps me alot in expressing my thankfulness to this drama of life.

    Liked by 1 person

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