55th Baeksang – 7 Nominations

My Ahjussi has won nominations in seven categories! The Baeksang Art Awards are like the Emmy Awards in the United States and considered the most prestigious awards for South Korean television shows. Congratulations to the whole team and go grab those awards!! Winners will be announced early May.

Best Drama

  • tvN “My Ahjussi”
  • JTBC “Radiant”
  • tvN “Mr. Sunshine”
  • MBC “Children of Nobody”
  • JTBC “SKY Castle”

Best Producer

  • Kim Suk Yoon – JTBC “Radiant”
  • Kim Won Suk – tvN “My Ahjussi”
  • Ahn Gil Ho – tvN “Memories of the Alhambra”
  • Lee Eung Bok – tvN “Mr. Sunshine”
  • Jo Hyun Tak – JTBC “SKY Castle”

Best Actor

  • Kim Nam Gil – SBS “The Fiery Priest”
  • Yeo Jin Goo – tvN “The Crowned Clown”
  • Lee Byung Hun – tvN “Mr. Sunshine”
  • Lee Sun Gyun – tvN “My Ahjussi”
  • Hyun Bin – tvN “Memories of the Alhambra”

Best Actress

  • Kim Seo Hyung – JTBC “SKY Castle”
  • Kim Tae Ri – tvN “Mr. Sunshine”
  • Kim Hye Ja – JTBC “Radiant”
  • Yeom Jung Ah – JTBC “SKY Castle”
  • IU – tvN “My Ahjussi”

Best Supporting Actress

  • Kim Min Jung – tvN “Mr. Sunshine”
  • Oh Na Ra – tvN “My Ahjussi”
  • Yoon Se Ah – JTBC “SKY Castle”
  • Lee Da Hee – JTBC “The Beauty Inside”
  • Lee Jung Eun – JTBC “Radiant”

Best New Actress

  • Nara – tvN “My Ahjussi”
  • Kim Hye Yoon – JTBC “SKY Castle”
  • Park Se Wan – KBS “Just Dance”
  • Seol In Ah – KBS “Sunny Tomorrow”
  • Lee Seol – MBC “Less Than Evil”

Best Script

  • Kim Soo Jin, Lee Nam Gyu – JTBC “Radiant”
  • Kim Eun Sook – tvN “Mr. Sunshine”
  • Do Hyun Jung – MBC “Children of Nobody”
  • Park Hae Young – tvN “My Ahjussi”
  • Yoo Hyun Mi – JTBC “SKY Castle”


Source: soompi


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