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Park Dong Un: Access, Power, Mobility

by @the_sweetroad from Soompi

The more I re-watch My Mister, the more Managing Director Park Dong Un’s role becomes increasingly noticeable and fascinating.

@justamom said:   

I thought Gwang Il represented the general audience, initially skeptical and mocking their relationship…but he came out of it transformed, just like us.   

If Gwang Il is the one who has an intimate look into Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An’s relationship because he has access to all the wiretap recordings, Park Dong Un is the character who discovers the truth of all the shenanigans that have been going on and synthesizes that truth for everyone in the story. His access, power, and even mobility are at a level that no one else has, except perhaps the Chairman. He becomes a major playmaker in My Mister. Not only that, Park Dong Un actually saves both Dong Hoon and Ji An at different times: Dong Hoon in the beginning of our story, and Ji An at the end.   

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YouTube Reviews by “Man vs. Drama”

Hello!!! It’s been ages since anyone posted anything here. Since My Mister showed up on Netflix last year, I have seen reviews and discussions suddenly pop up on Reddit, YouTube, and other platforms. It absolutely brings me delight to see people continue to discover and fall in love with this drama. One series of reviews really stood out to me, and I wish to share it with you all. The reviewer Stephan is an “actor and sometime director,” and he really does an amazing job analyzing the most memorable scene(s) from each episode. To those who feel like they “missed the party” three years ago, please go to the comments section under each video and join the discussions there! 🙂

My Ahjussi Wins 55th Baeksang

Our drama did it! After a rough beginning and a long tip-toe dance around the controversies that refused to go away, My Ahjussi proved that a deep faith in a script plus a cast of solid actors were all that Director Kim Won Seuk needed to create his next “masterpiece.” Almost exactly a year after its conclusion, not only did this show win Best Drama of the Year, Screenwriter Park Hae Young also won for Best Script in the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards held on May 1, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. Continue reading My Ahjussi Wins 55th Baeksang

55th Baeksang – 7 Nominations

My Ahjussi has won nominations in seven categories! The Baeksang Art Awards are like the Emmy Awards in the United States and considered the most prestigious awards for South Korean television shows. Congratulations to the whole team and go grab those awards!! Winners will be announced early May. Continue reading 55th Baeksang – 7 Nominations

Interview with IU and Lee Seon Kyun

How is everyone doing? Can you believe it has been a year since this drama’s premiere on March 21, 2018? To celebrate the first anniversary of My Ahjussi, please enjoy this taped interview for the Japanese release. Unfortunately we have no subs for the video.

Translated magazine interviews:
“Why do you like me?” 
“I couldn’t even bear to hear the soundtrack.
“Just watching it made me cry so much.”
“Dong Hoon’s first smile made me want to cry.”
“She is my Lee Ji An.”

The Beautifully Undefined Relationship

by deantrblss from tumblr

I think some people were right when they said there wouldn’t be any romance; there’s nothing romantic about Ji An and Dong Hoon’s story.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t love and heartbreak.

The degree and types of love fluctuates as the story progresses, but it’s clear that Ji An struck a chord Dong Hoon never even knew he had with that confession. Continue reading The Beautifully Undefined Relationship

My Mister Locations: Ji An’s House, #1

It starts with the question Yoon Hee poses to her husband, “Who is #1 in your life, honey?” He never answers her; I don’t think he could, for he himself does not know.  But as the story unfolds before us, is it possible that this mystery person in Dong Hoon’s life lives behind door number 1? Continue reading My Mister Locations: Ji An’s House, #1

Seeing Through a Glass, Darkly

by @oldschooler

Glass is hard yet transparent. It blocks entry, but at the same time allows us to peer into the space it shelters. Looking through a glass window or door, we see without touching. We are able to watch and scan every object, action and expression, but we should not be fooled for there is still an invisible barrier that shuts us out. And sometimes, if we look carefully, we see our own reflection. Continue reading Seeing Through a Glass, Darkly

My Ahjussi Wins Grand Prize at The 2nd Seoul Awards

And the celebration continues.  The Seoul Awards, which honor outstanding achievement in film and television, held its second ceremony on October 27, 2018.  Although My Ajusshi did not win in any acting category, it did bag the Grand Prize (Daesang), beating My Golden Life, Money Flower, Should We Kiss First, and Life in the drama division. Continue reading My Ahjussi Wins Grand Prize at The 2nd Seoul Awards