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My Mister on Daebak! A Kdrama Podcast

The knowledgeable hosts over at Daebak! A Kdrama Podcast released their episode My Mister/ My Ahjussi: An Instant Classic a few months ago, and we think it’s well worth a listen.

We appreciated their thoughtful analysis as they talked about the scenes that impacted them, the visual symbolism woven throughout the story, and the larger cultural aspects that affected the characters. Most of all we loved how enthusiastic they were in recommending the show.



YouTube Reviews by “Man vs. Drama”

Hello!!! It’s been ages since anyone posted anything here. Since My Mister showed up on Netflix last year, I have seen reviews and discussions suddenly pop up on Reddit, YouTube, and other platforms. It absolutely brings me delight to see people continue to discover and fall in love with this drama. One series of reviews really stood out to me, and I wish to share it with you all. The reviewer Stephan is an “actor and sometime director,” and he really does an amazing job analyzing the most memorable scene(s) from each episode. To those who feel like they “missed the party” three years ago, please go to the comments section under each video and join the discussions there! 🙂

Moments of Realization

…, make that self-realization, that he has fallen for her!  A hilarious recap of the moments Dong Hoon is forced to deal with his emotions.  This was written before episode 13 aired.

by @morninginsp from tumblr

I’ve gone back through and decided to narrow it down to 5 moments (really you could say any time they shared air in episode 12, and that would be accurate) plus one that was completely unconsciously done before he started to grasp the situation he found himself in, and I’ll explain the rationale behind each. Continue reading Moments of Realization

Episode 4 Deconstructed: Sang Hoon’s Shame

by @justamom

I just finished Episode 4 and after sobbing and laughing then sobbing again…I realised this: Episode 1-2 were thrilling and exciting and made me think it was some kind of thriller/corporate mystery.  But episode 4 was when the show sank its claws into me. And I didn’t even realise it then, because it was done so, so subtly through the use of wiretapping/flashbacks.


I just want to deconstruct how the writer did it because she built up the tension and suspense so beautifully until that dramatic climax. Continue reading Episode 4 Deconstructed: Sang Hoon’s Shame

Love, Not Romance: A My Mister Meta

By Overthinking Kdramas from tumblr

When I see the arguments about whether the relationship between Dong Hoon and Ji An is of a romantic nature or if it is purely platonic, I can’t help but feel like we’re missing the message of the entire drama. Or perhaps I should say, we’re feeding into the exact issue which My Mister has decided to take on as its central theme. Continue reading Love, Not Romance: A My Mister Meta

Drama Milk Live Recaps

Many thanks to V and O of Drama Milk for providing live recaps during My Ahjussi/ My Mister’s run and for allowing us now to republish their recaps on our site.  A whole lot of us parked ourselves at Drama Milk just before each episode aired, and their blog was truly a blessing to all who just could not wait a minute longer.

Even now when we have watched the  show in its entirety, we can still appreciate these live recaps for their unique take on the business of drama subtitling and commenting.  As V herself said about the nature of their recaps: Very raw translation….kind of a literal translation + feeling of what they are saying + some summations when either O’s head or my head just can’t really think of a good English explanation on the spot. Continue reading Drama Milk Live Recaps

K-Netizens’ Reactions to ‘My Ahjussi’ – An Evolution

When My Mister was first announced, there were quite a few vocal opinions from the Korean netizens regarding the suitability of the cast for this project, as well as the subject matter itself.

Here are some snapshots of this interesting history, so we can all marvel at how this drama has taken hold of its audience’s hearts, despite everything. Continue reading K-Netizens’ Reactions to ‘My Ahjussi’ – An Evolution

Not Every Man’s Story, But His Story

Here’s another response to the Inchon Business Article: If It’s Love, Then Even Wiretapping is OK? This writer argues, among other things, that this is just one man’s story, and as such, it is not a recipe for how others should live their lives. Continue reading Not Every Man’s Story, But His Story