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Moments of Realization

…, make that self-realization, that he has fallen for her!  A hilarious recap of the moments Dong Hoon is forced to deal with his emotions.  This was written before episode 13 aired.

by @morninginsp from tumblr

I’ve gone back through and decided to narrow it down to 5 moments (really you could say any time they shared air in episode 12, and that would be accurate) plus one that was completely unconsciously done before he started to grasp the situation he found himself in, and I’ll explain the rationale behind each. Continue reading Moments of Realization


Episode 4 Deconstructed: Sang Hoon’s Shame

by @justamom

I just finished Episode 4 and after sobbing and laughing then sobbing again…I realised this: Episode 1-2 were thrilling and exciting and made me think it was some kind of thriller/corporate mystery.  But episode 4 was when the show sank its claws into me. And I didn’t even realise it then, because it was done so, so subtly through the use of wiretapping/flashbacks.


I just want to deconstruct how the writer did it because she built up the tension and suspense so beautifully until that dramatic climax. Continue reading Episode 4 Deconstructed: Sang Hoon’s Shame

Drama Milk Live Recaps

Many thanks to V and O of Drama Milk for providing live recaps during My Ahjussi/ My Mister’s run and for allowing us now to republish their recaps on our site.  A whole lot of us parked ourselves at Drama Milk just before each episode aired, and their blog was truly a blessing to all who just could not wait a minute longer.

Even now when we have watched the  show in its entirety, we can still appreciate these live recaps for their unique take on the business of drama subtitling and commenting.  As V herself said about the nature of their recaps: Very raw translation….kind of a literal translation + feeling of what they are saying + some summations when either O’s head or my head just can’t really think of a good English explanation on the spot. Continue reading Drama Milk Live Recaps